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  1. Oh fair, i didnt realise and thats awesome, people do tend to have more rights though in France, id be interested to see how ramifications would square up between the two countries

  2. Maybe that's a whoosh but generally philosophical conundrums don't hold up in real life. They are thought experiments

  3. The shit that has been done in the name of Christianity and other religions is truly disgusting and these people just keep going to services to get their feel good and not demanding answers from their leaders.

  4. It's a drug. And the people exploiting it for petty profit and power are no better than dealers.

  5. Well get your Reality Actors' Guild card and maybe they'll give you a speaking role.

  6. He wasn't a defense lawyer, he was a former tax attorney who only got his license renewed to be OJ's moral support on the legal team.

  7. Ok well now that's clearly wrong, I have not yet met a tax attorney with a soul and I don't believe they exist.

  8. You just haven't met enough tax attorneys then. By and large, I'd argue they tend to be far better people than attorneys who practice in other areas of law*.

  9. Seriously? You're going to tell me about the morality of tax attorneys, as I sit here watching as two of them outside my window are hunched down in the street gnawing on the severed leg of a fresh kill, their black orb eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

  10. Nah, make them get certification like teachers (based on appropriate training). And then remove that certification (and keep them in a database so they can't reapply) for misconduct.

  11. Far more policing should work like a social services sort of model whose goal is to immerse themselves in communities to learn who the vulnerable people are and focus on bringing resources to that community.

  12. It’s interesting that people who tend to support police unions oppose other kinds of unions; it’s almost like they really support unchecked violence.

  13. Because the police unions are the force the fascists utilize to dismantle all otherul unions.

  14. They also found that 100% of songs with ukulele in them suck.

  15. I love this, my new motto going forward

  16. Lol, then sold out to Musk like an absolute turncoat.

  17. "How can I stop racists from using my comedy to disenfranchise black people?

  18. Had a meeting with @TimApple he shit in my mouth and told me to get my ass in line or I won't be on apple phones. I told the world it was mutual agreement. Great success.

  19. I went to @TimApple and opened my big fucking mouth and he beat me within an inch of my life with a giant sack of money screaming "THIS SACK CONTAINS MORE THAN YOUR NET WORTH AND ITS NOTHING TO ME" and we both left that experience with a good understanding of how I am still apple's bitch.

  20. That's so fucking cool. Sounds like a seriously respectable person. Not a republican either, but I'd fist bump this guy.

  21. And then, of course, all the strategists forced him to pair up with.... Sarah Palin.

  22. There's a great scene in the HBO movie Game Change about Palin where McCain confronts his advisors.

  23. I think a large part of the problem is also too many people assuming that these people are in control of their public persona.

  24. She really doesn't know how any of this works, does she?

  25. I think we have an old cartoon with a catchy jingle if they need help.

  26. (White) People are always so quick to be like “well he shouldn’t have run!” And it’s like well, if you have reason to believe you might be fucking murdered you do. And if you’re a young black man how can you not assume any interaction with police might not be lethal?

  27. Every time cops act with an overwhelming, dehumanizing level of violence, it's going to reinforce that yeah, you should probably run. If five angry, armed men are coming for you, and that scenario might result in your death, you're probably going to run.

  28. The biggest flaw other than that is mostly due to Palpatine keeping the war in a stalemate by playing both sides, but the separatists did have a point that the republic was corrupt and often oppressive and/or negligent to the outer rim. And although the empire was less negligent than the republic, they were also pretty brutal and oppressive (apparently that was probably not always the case, but idk)

  29. Man. An authoritarian riling up folks who live on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas and agitating social and political fault lines so that he can gain a sizable voting block that will dismantle the democratic, but stale and neglectful bureaucracy, so he can sneak in and seize total authoritarian control to the detriment of everyone.

  30. What form of humour do people with healthy attachment styles employ then? Slapstick?

  31. what would new management/agent even do? Get you more big name franchises the other management was already getting? You rely on the producers not ruining them with shitty decisions, not on who is managing you

  32. One would guess a better manager could get their star roles with better producers that have a track record of not producing shitty things.

  33. I wouldn't call them nice either. They're a patriarchal society that thinks 50% of the population is lesser, undeserving. They don't allow police to investigate domestic violence calls (or other non-murders). They use whatever technology helps keep their religion together even when hypocritical. Even among the men they treat each other with lifelong disrespect and gang up on anyone the community leaders say they don't like. And obviously everything about the religion is meant to make them suffer for the sake of control.

  34. A general rule of thumb of mine, is that the more people structure their entire existence around something that doesn't exist, the less reasonable they tend to be.

  35. It's just porn, lol. Boot up the webcam and go, lol.. you set the hours, the rules, the wages.. but you gotta be real comfortable with yourself, open your mind, have a product that people would pay to witness, and become your own marketing team.

  36. Gotta love how their bad takes always come in pairs. Like it's not enough for them to be wrong about one issue, they need to be wrong about two issues at once.

  37. Seeing patterns that don't exist is sort of their entire bread and butter.

  38. At this point, the only thing adequately taxing Elon's wealth is his own crippling stupidity

  39. It's very interesting to see some of the hate her character received. I compare it to characters like Skyler White in Breaking Bad.

  40. Was just about to post this. Evs are much safer fire wise. Might be because they don't carry 10-35 gallons of flammable liquid in a plastic tank.

  41. Much safer fire-wise, but malice-wise, those fuckers are aiming to run down the children.

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