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  1. RIP to all the homies who actually did challenges and are already done or close to it (on BP level 78 after only 20-25 hours)

  2. Hot take. I don't want the game encouraging dps mains to play support.

  3. If they're doing it in ranked then I 100% agree but if they're doing it in QP then I don't really mind it. We're all just there to have fun/complete challenges so if they want to run around as zen and never use the harmony orb then oh well. I had my best ever game as Bap in a game like that because my other healer wasn't healing so I ended the 10 minute long game with 22k healing and 3k damage XD

  4. Getting on everyday and completing 3 daily challenges + making sure you complete at least 8 weekly's gets you pretty far. Most dailies require around 3 games to complete and you get 100 per game + an extra 100 if you play support or queue for flex.

  5. Honestly I personally don't see a solution. You might get a few more support players by adding some new support heroes but that's not even the biggest problem I(and many other support mains that I know) have with the role. The biggest problem is just the absolute toxicity behind it. You can play a perfect game of support and still your team will hate you and flame you.

  6. I find healers rarely get blamed, usually the DPS or tank. Especially the tank as he’s all by himself now so it’s easy to blame a defeat on him. At least playing support you get way more endorsements

  7. This is true that you get more endorsements but that's not really useful (especially since I went up an endorsement level and got 1 single battlepass point as a reward... Like thanks you gave me 0.01% of a battlepass level...). I will say that I agree that DPS do get flamed quite a bit as well but it's usually actually for a reason. Oh the DPS only have 2k damage after 10 minutes? That's pretty bad. Meanwhile the healers get more unwarranted flame. "I just died and even though you have 14k healing in the first 10 minutes you aren't healing enough reeee!"

  8. I've never had a fun experience in arcade mode (unless I'm stacking with friends) but that doesn't mean it isn't fun for everyone. For me it just feels like a waste of time to try to win 7 games of arcade (10 minutes on average per game assuming a 60% win rate gives you about 10-11 games which means 100-110 minutes aka 1 hour and 40 minutes).

  9. 3v3 elim matches are really fast and can be used to finish that quest very quickly, sometimes 3v3 matches last under 3 minutes

  10. I did not know that. I might start farming 3v3 for that challenge XD

  11. I have a weekly challenge that wont even count i need to do 125k i did 121k before it for some reason resetted same with the mit challenge but for dome reason that one got completed. I tried to do it on my switch nothing

  12. From what I've heard if you queue for deathmatch or skirmish while waiting in queue then you run the risk of those challenges getting reset. It's really dumb

  13. Yeah Blizzard has some pretty shit code for OW2. I just know that some were saying if you went into deathmatch or skirmish then it would reset challenge progression. It really sucks that yours is resetting without even doing that though and hopefully you still get your challenge done!

  14. If your genji/tracer are losing 1v1s, go mercy or zen to support their duel. Rein charges solo then just do what you can to get everyone to group. Some games are unwinnable but you have to be the difference in the 50/50s in order to climb. It's rarely your teams fault. Always more you can do.

  15. I think you misunderstood what I meant when I said Genji/Tracer were getting 1 shot. I more meant they were getting their ass handed to them and dying quickly because the other team turned and killed them in half a second. Also Genji and Tracer are most likely going to be deep in the backline to kill the enemy supports so if I go to them to help them then now I'm deep in the backline and more than likely going to get wiped just as fast. For the Rein going in you can't really last long without your tank and "do what you can to get everyone to group" is quite literally the definition of needing my team to win. I agree that I need my team to win but what can I do? "Hey guys come group up" in voice? Oh that's right only 1 person joined the voice chat so no one heard me. Use the "group up" voice line? Well I'm still hoping that they can get the message and group up (unlikely if they're already all going their separate ways and Rein is charging in solo). Again I don't think every single loss is because of my team. I am well aware that I make mistakes and have bad games too. It just feels like more times than not I'm put with a bunch of solo queue players against a full 5 stack. You're allowed to disagree with me all you want but of the 2 of us 1 of us actually played the games and saw how hopeless it was while the other is just assuming the teams were equal and I was the problem.

  16. All I'm saying is you have to lean in to your bad teammates and support them any possible way you can. If they aren't doing shit then take matters into your own hands, with a Zen or Moira to win duels. Zen can singlehandedly carry a bad team. With ana, literally a single good anti-nade can win a team fight. Don't just use it for heals. Probably 9/10 nades should be used aggressively in order to anti them rather than boost healing.

  17. I mean when I queue with even just 1 other person I have significantly better games. Maybe that 1 other person is carrying the whole team (even though we were duo's partners for OW1 so in theory should be pretty equal in skill). Maybe it's entirely coincidental that when we queue together the average damage and tank numbers tend to go up to at least equal to the other team. Maybe it's all because of him that when I queue with him the teams start to stick together, the dps actually hit their shots, the genji knows not to dive into 4 of them, etc etc. Maybe you're right.

  18. A paywall is anything that is locked behind a payment. Monetization by definition is a paywall regardless of if it's for a skin, hero, etc. You are technically not wrong about it not being a paywall though since it is possible to grind the skins for free although you can grind the new heroes too so technically those aren't behind a paywall either.

  19. I also play with a full stack a lot so I feel like my endorsements are wasted since I can't give it to anyone. There's been plenty of games where I've joked around with the other team or they just played really well (especially enemy supports) that I think they deserve an endorsement but I just can't. It's a really shitty system

  20. I main Bap, Moira, and Mercy and my favorite moments are when I out damage my teams DPS, out heal most if not all supports, but still get flamed for being a shit healer. Sorry but if Bap is out damaging you as a DPS then DPS is not the role for you

  21. Isn't the Kiriko skin in the battlepass? I have it in my inventory and I only paid for the battlepass nothing else so idk where else I could have gotten it from. The rest though you're 100% right that they should have been in there

  22. Bloody Redditors and "burden of proof" we all know, tiresomely lazy as it is to trot out that lazy shutdown I'll bite.

  23. The reason the demand is placed entirely on one viewpoint is the same as it is for literally every other claim and what I explained in my message above.

  24. Penis size isn’t the most important thing to women.

  25. Breast and ass size isn't the most important thing to men either. Not that you claimed it was just saying that.

  26. I agree with this. I mean I'm a girl but this is how I view it. At times when I'm giving it, I'm really into it and it's really fun. But my partner loves BJ's so much it's all he wants 90% of the time. He expects me to do it all the time without getting anything at all in return. How am I supposed to enjoy that? It's literally a chore to me at that point and I'm not going to enjoy or put much enthusiasm into it. He still enjoys it but I don't and I've honestly just been avoiding them lately...

  27. I love BJ's but tbh I can't talk myself into going down on a girl. I'll gladly make my girl cum in other ways (fingering, sex, etc) but I just can't talk myself into going down on her. Because of that I've never pressured any of my GF's to go down on me. I'll ask and if she says no then that's that. I won't ever push someone to do something I won't and IMO this is how it should be for all relationships

  28. What? Close your legs a little, brother. I sit down to pee 90% of the time and it goes straight into the bowl.

  29. Maybe the toilet bowls in my area are filled too high or I just have a massive shlong (Fairly certain I'm only average) but if I do that my tip is in the water and uhhh no thanks on that one chief

  30. Yeah I have the exact same at the moment. One team GENERALLY seems to steamroll the other. There isn’t much balance in the matches.

  31. Yeah I have a few friends who play but we all have wildly different schedules so I figured I would just try solo queue again like I did in OW1. It just feels like the balancing is entirely non-existent and I'm glad at least 1 other person seems to have a similar experience when solo queueing so now I know the universe isn't just out to get me

  32. Normally people follow that up with the corrected information but thanks for at least letting me know I was mistaken

  33. I see, I misunderstood what people were claiming would be considered under the Logan act. I thought people were claiming that because he claimed Ukraine should do XYZ then that was what was against the Logan Act. Thanks for the info!

  34. I see a lot of responses talking about how terrible the CEO is which he may be but without us knowing exactly what those 2 people were doing we can't really make that claim. If you hire someone to work a 40 hour normal work week and they accept the position then you are paying them to work 40 hours. If they are working a second job during the same hours with the same expectations then they can, at best, be working a 50:50 split. This means they would be getting paid for 40 hours of work while only doing 20 hours of work.

  35. Good for them. Hopefully you have something meaningful for them to spend it on. Luxury boats perhaps?

  36. Next campaign with fresh characters idea if you have a second group or can organize something like this. Have the newly created group asked by the king to hunt down a group that stole tens of thousands from the realm (don't tell them it was tax evasion). After however many sessions you think is good then have the parties meet and commence a massive pvp fight XD

  37. To add to this, you should always know how the road looks straight ahead and not every right most lane is only a right turn only lane. Where I live there's this one intersection where the right most lane is a turn right or go straight lane. The reason it's like this is because immediately after the intersection there's another road you can turn right onto (I'm talking literally 1 second after the intersection). Because of this many people that are making that turn will go into the right lane before the intersection so they don't have to fight to turn at the next spot. Some guy behind me though did not appreciate that I wasn't turning even though I didn't have any blinkers on. I said to myself "just because you turn without blinkers doesn't mean I'm turning without my blinker on"

  38. men will never understand periods. they can try, they can claim they do, but they never will bc they’ll never experience them. they’ll never know the true extent of the pain, they’ll never know the true annoyance of bleeding out of our vaginas for a week straight once a month. the stress, the constant mood swings, etc.

  39. That's mostly because men are constantly told it's different for each person. 2 people don't usually experience periods the same way. One person may have insane period cramps while someone else is just mildly inconvenienced. This of course is just based on what I've been told and taught so please correct me if I'm wrong.

  40. The vast majority of men(99%) don't want to be in an asexual relationship.

  41. 99% of people in general don't want to be in an asexual relationship but that's because asexual means absolutely no sex.

  42. Vanjoj's logic basically boiled down to "if something isn't a written law then it isn't being oppressed". In this case that was "Because the law doesn't prohibit free speech then it isn't being prohibited".

  43. So we should violate company's private property rights to protect your free speech rights? What about other people's private property rights? Are your family members allowed to kick you out of their house when you're being a racist shit or is that a violation of your freedom of speech?

  44. I was simply commenting on the users line of reasoning. I never expressed my support or lack of support for the original comment.

  45. Your message literally doesn't say god given rights anywhere in it. Cute try though.

  46. Using the word "god" and using the term, "god given freedoms" are two very different things. Wasn't the slam dunk you thought it was. But cute try though

  47. If you actually read my message you would see that I said he did say "god given rights" (I know it's not word for word but it's the same meaning) and the rest of the remarks were other mentions of god.

  48. Bait and switch title. Your post is about hyphens in names, not about taking someone's name in marriage.

  49. Not necessarily. OP is just explaining how rough life is with hyphenated names and the most common way of getting a hyphenated name is through marriage. I know in some cultures it's normal and expected to do that like in Puerto Rican culture.

  50. You're saying the same thing as me. The post is about hyphens, the title is about marriage. Hence bait and switch.

  51. Yeah hence the edit I made basically saying "my bad I realize my mistake"

  52. Flat Earth. Not because a flat earth is scary. I'd be scared because it would mean my faith in science is misplaced, and a group would have the power to manipulate the beliefs of the people.

  53. Flat earth would be mine as well but for a different reason. It would mean that every first world country was able to band together to convince the entire world of that and to keep it a secret for hundreds of years. If they can do that then just about everything else we've been taught is a lie such as "world peace is impossible because humans are corrupt"

  54. If I say females it's because I'm referring to both girls and women.

  55. Men and women both have problems. The issue is that they're different problems and therefore neither gender has it better or worse. If you strictly look at womens problems and then compare the male experience to that same problem then yeah it will look like women have it worse but then do the same with men. Look at mens problems and then look at those problems through a womans eyes and now suddenly men have it worse. We as a people need to understand that no gender as a whole has it worse than any other. Individuals may have it better or worse but the gender as a whole does not.

  56. Well I'm happy for you that you have such a privileged life although please refrain from assuming all men have it just as nice as you. Just like how all women don't have it worse than you (unless you're Jeff Bezos or something)

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