1. Some comments are even challenging YTA voters with new evidence provided by that awful awful edit.

  2. Nah, I think this is just a different flavor of troll and is being slightly more subtle.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is brilliant! (He looks so young!) Thanks for sharing this, OP; it's totally made my day.

  4. I have a really hard time with that myself -- a mix of ADHD (object impermanence means I forget about things if I can't see them) and a pretty much total lack of executive function. No advice, but I'll be following this thread with interest. (Also, you're a good friend!)

  5. Gorgeous room, OP. You should replace the ceiling lamp with a small crystal chandelier to go with the fairy lights!

  6. Åh thank you! <3 I have considered it, I have a small chandelier in our shared livingroom and it’s technically mine so I could swap them. But my room mate loves it so I think I should keep it where she can see it too

  7. I thought at first that this was the Romper Revenge story being double posted. But no! There really is another obvious ragebait about inane rules being set for conservative parents to attend their daughter's lesbian wedding, and Redditors are lapping up every word of it.

  8. Oh please no. No offense, but I'm really not a fan of this. I'm sorry to be a grumpy old woman, but rainbows with sparkles make me cringe.

  9. Don’t worry whichever one is most highly upvoted gets chosen. Right now it’s looking like the hands one

  10. Reminds me of Chinese filigree. Spring clasp on guard indicates this is not antique.

  11. Wait, what? I'm afraid this isn't right (unless I'm missing something) -- I collect antique jewelry and spring ring clasps were invented in the early 1900s. They're actually pretty common on jewelry of that era. For instance, I posted an Edwardian necklace from 1905 here a while back with the original spring ring clasp. I was looking at a George N Steere necklace just last night that had one, and Steere created jewelry from between 1906-1911. Slightly later, you also see them all the time on necklaces from the 30s.

  12. I thought the type shown on OP's is later - 1940s. I stand corrected.

  13. Honestly, I wish they'd been invented later! It would make it easier to weed out fake Edwardian pieces. (Like when sellers try to tell you something with a lobster claw clasp is Georgian. 🤣)

  14. Thanks, I’ve tried a few beach-coming sites but no luck. Mudlarking is worth a shot.

  15. Oh, she looks so scared and worried in the first pic! And then so relaxed and happy in the second one. Thank you for adopting her, OP. <3

  16. I know how hard modding must be, especially when you're trying to implement new changes, but I have to agree with the poster who said all the colors make it hard to scroll the sub now. I also have ADHD and all of the bright flairs against the lavender background are super distracting and make it hard to focus on anything. Please, please, can we have the old white background back?

  17. On the side there’s an option to click “show custom theme”. Click that and it should go away.

  18. Maybe she was a feminist but I don’t think the public ever would have really known. She was famously diplomatic and neutral on most topics, as I think monarchs are supposed to be in the BRF. So if she was, it’s not something I personally remember her as because in my view, granted as a non-British person, she was an old lady who was queen for a very long time, smiled and did her duty and didn’t say much on controversial or social topics/issues. She just kind of existed as this famous figurehead and did what she was supposed to do.

  19. I agree with this. She also famously wore a brooch given to her by the Obamas when she met Trump, and a brooch with the colours of the EU flag after Brexit. She made her thoughts known, but publicly at least, it was always very subtle.

  20. I liked being a self governing sub, I’m incredibly wary of the fact that the mods are changing things when the charm of this sub is that the culture was created through anarchistic participation and community building

  21. ELI5 Please and thank you. What is the dog tax?

  22. My husband's most likely on the spectrum as well, and I think my diagnosis has actually been a real positive for us. We're a lot more open about our respective issues and there's a lot more communication and understanding.

  23. This might be triggering (or not, but I described it to my daughter and she made me stop because she got super uncomfortable)

  24. This place looks amazing, OP! Just a minor copyediting point: you spelled 'convenience' wrong in the Shopping section. Good luck with your new venture -- if I lived in the US I'd want to visit for sure!

  25. Doesn't seem to have a brand name? Maybe some knockoff then? Seems well made though, I wound it up and it still works!

  26. I'm not an expert, OP, though I've bought a few vintage/antique watches and have researched them. It's fairly common for watches of this era not to have a brand name -- sometimes the jeweler would buy movements (the watch's inside mechanism) and then assemble them into cases in-shop. So no brand name doesn't necessarily mean a knockoff or lack of quality. The important thing in terms of the watch itself is the movement and how many jewels it has. 15 or over means that the movement will have had minimal wear during its lifetime and should be worth restoring. The tricky part, though (at least here in the UK!), is finding a watchmaker who can restore it. If you're lucky, it will just need to be cleaned and serviced, but even this can be expensive for antique watches. This beauty is definitely worth it, though, and I'd bet that there's a solid Swiss movement inside it.

  27. I'm so sorry. My peri was absolute hell and almost cost me my career and my marriage. I'm now in menopause and have just started HRT (not for everyone, I know) and it's saved my life. I feel like myself again for the first time in years.

  28. These are gorgeous, OP. I don't know the answer, but will be following this post with interest. I love 1920s-30s beads and would like to learn more about them.

  29. Marty (1955) starring Ernest Borgnine (who won an Oscar for the title role) and Betsy Blair. Great acting, great script by Paddy Chayefsky. Just a brilliant film.

  30. Thought I'd share this for all the Victorian fashion lovers. Im obsessed with the Victorian and Edwardian eras and I dreamed of having a very period accurate Victorian wedding. For months I searched every day on Etsy, eBay, various auction sites and vintage stores until I finally found this dress on eBay for my wedding back in June. It was in near perfect condition, only a few slight yellow spots I was able to carefully remove myself. I think this dress might've been used on some kind of mannequin in a store display? Everyone's jaws dropped to the floor when they saw the gown and I felt so incredibly perfect in it. The details are honestly astounding, even the NECK is boned like a corset and has these tiny seed pearls in the shape of flowers. So many details. I'd love to know who made it, who wore it (?) but I have no provenance. Btw, I did wear the timeperiod accurate chemise, corset, corset cover, petticoats etc underneath the dress. It was worth the search for sure!! Hope you guys liked seeing this! I have never seen anyone wear a real Victorian gown for their wedding so I wanted to show it's possible! I don't know the exact date of the dress, but I was told most likely between 1895-1905. Their are underarm pads sewn into the sleeves of the dress that are labeled "OMO dress shields" which was a company from Middletown, Connecticut that made these odor shields from 1890s-1910s. So that's my only clue about any history of the dress!

  31. It's stunning, OP, and looks like it was made for you! Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about the details.

  32. how do you figure that? I saw the link and it was 100? or was i looking at the wrong link?

  33. Think of what you want to accomplish. It sounds like you want two things - to inform the seller and to procure a partial refund. A negative won't accomplish either of those. I think a negative should be reserved for fraudulent, incompetent and unnecessarily rude sellers, and should serve as a warning to future buyers. So far, your seller isn't any of those. Someone else worded your message the same way I would - very polite and complementary toward the bracelet - with a direct request for a refund. Don't be vague. That kind of language (i.e. "what can you do for me" "I'm very unhappy") raises lots of red flags for a seller that the buyer is looking for an undeserved refund.

  34. Thanks, I think you're right. I've never left a negative and certainly don't want to jump to it now. I've written to the seller asking for a partial refund.

  35. It’s a small defect that is easy to miss on an inspection if you don’t know to check for it or are processing 40 other boxes that day. Probably best to chalk it up as an honest mistake. As a seller I don’t knowingly ship out items that have undisclosed problems because that is just asking for an INAD return which always ends up costing me and not the buyer.

  36. Oh, interesting! I mostly know Ann Sheridan from her 30s films (she and Cagney were a great pairing!). I didn't know she went on to do film noir -- I'll definitely check this out.

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