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  1. lol i understand the optics. I was really hoping to understand how it works.

  2. The info you reveal can be leveraged against you when the tides turns

  3. I’m sorry this happened to you. Would you like to share a bit more so we can learn?

  4. I’m about the same age as OP. I’ve never been into working out and have generally lived a carefree style. Just learning to take care of my physical and mental health in the past couple of years.

  5. Yo, when I was stripping I wouldnt touch bread or dairy products. Just eat fruits and veges and meat and protein/MRP supplement. Seemed to work to help me stay lean. I wish I had been vegetarian back then. Woulda helped me stay ripped!

  6. I have consciously tried to avoid white bread. When you say bread, does this mean all kinds of bread? Is it a reference to avoid wheat?

  7. Please start sharing some video context and Soundbite here or elsewhere - share how you’re traveling from all over to Pakistan. We all need the world to see this

  8. Yes. I’ve felt that any visual work is perhaps best on 14 inch or above

  9. Yup. Got mine repaired once. Kept it for another year and it failed again. There’s a hack where you can apparently disable one of the display cards. That worked for me for a bit and then I just got a 2015 from eBay.

  10. Thank you. I could not figure out this futuristic tech.

  11. Does anyone know how was this website put together? What is the backend platform? Does not look like WordPress.

  12. Can I just use garlic bulbs without the skin instead of putting the entire garlic in the tinfoil?

  13. When PTI was in power they did the same thing now PDM is doing that. Maybe just maybe media censorship laws are stupid, especially when you can get all the info on the freaking internet easily.

  14. You’re saying PTI government stopped coverage for event organized by PPP and PML-N?

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