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  1. Not a deal breaker. I'm okay if it's a little over but I think 30 is my limit.

  2. I'm worried about too much of an age gap between myself and other players and also the safety of other players. It's not saying anything about older people specifically. There's just a lot of crazies on the internet.

  3. I actually joked about ruling Denmark before finding this subreddit and ever since joining, I feel at home. takes garlic bread out of the oven and uses it to burn captured Danish soldier

  4. By posting on a subreddit that is clearly filled with more Kirby lovers than haters, you have opened yourself up for us to ask why? Why do you hate the pink puffball?

  5. Okay just read the first post of this sub. Nvm I'm no longer interested. This isn't worth debating.

  6. I'm glad that we were able to help, but the fact that you think my job is crazy and you're a nurse makes me think I should start passing out my resume again XD

  7. So I do understand going into a digital age when it comes to Gamestop. However, I was hoping we would keep ourselves in the videogames and the videogame market. There is a lot of things we could be doing to compete like digital game subscriptions, deals on points, and fixing the times preorders ship that we are not doing. It is very good for them to branch out into other mediums that they know their demographic likes already and will bring in more people. I am not a huge fan of NFTs, so this post was an eye opener. I just personally do not think they are going to use any success from this to benefit employees. The more success they have, the more they push us without any benefit to ourselves. Working at the lowest wages possible or a dollar above despite how many months or years you've been with the company and how much money you are making them is not an incentive.

  8. So I recently got a pokeball plus and it's not working. Whenever I try to connect it, it flashes white, stops flashing and then I get a failed to connect error. I have 13 days before I have to cut my losses and return it. Any ideas?

  9. Have you tried pairing it outside of Pokémon Go by going into your phone's Bluetooth settings? Sometimes I have to pair it in there (and then disconnect the pairing) before it'll connect in Pokémon Go

  10. I just tried it and now it only vibrates when I hit the top button and doesn't even try to connect. When I restarted my phone it went back to normal

  11. I thought this was going to be a Kirby meme about how butterflies are the grim reaper, but now I have something to do while I'm bored at work today. Thank you!

  12. Why would I be mad this is perfect. Just layer the garlic bread and make the icing melted cheese.

  13. Or you could chill bro? The pokemon craze ended a while ago. As did the in-store limits. Don't shame people for coming in and grabbing a pack or two. I know the job sucks the soul out of you but you don't have to be a dick to people that aren't obviously scalping.

  14. Actually where I am the craze is very much alive. The problem is it's hard to sell someone like that pro. I just try to do it anyway tho. Most pokemon fans are very nice!

  15. One of my coworkers ran in about a half an hour late and told me she had to go get a pregnancy test. She's talking about her period being late and then talking about how she likes it raw. I just say okay because I don't want to continue the conversation further. Halfway through her being gone I'm thinking she said that to get out of working. She takes another half an hour before I see her come in with a little target bag. It is now 12:30 which is our rush hour.

  16. ...Many would say deal according to the Undertale fan base, but I will pass on boning the skeleton.

  17. HOW DID- okay whatever I did to you did NOT warrant such a heinous crime.

  18. I like to laugh at it because I think it's hilarious. Especially if they throw each other against the walls. Like naked wrestling.

  19. How to learn the various ways of “Two in the Pink and One in the Stink”

  20. I told my mom and she said "no you're not! You're just confused!" She then proceeds to explain how sex feels with someone you love, tries to ask if I had any sexual trauma (A pastor told me once that masterbation was a sin and then she told me he was wrong. That is all), AND FINALLY says I need a few years to find myself. Naturally, 2 years later I told her again.

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