1. Is Atlanta good? I do like Donald Glover..

  2. The first two seasons are my favorite. Then the show went on hiatus for a few years and the new season kinda feels like a completely different show. The MC’s aren’t even in the new season that much, it’s almost like an anthology. It’s still ok, but I prefer there first two seasons by a lot.

  3. I did. Homeowners also was much less than travelers. So I switched that to Erie too.

  4. Sweet. Just be aware the home is probably going up at the renewal, but that's going to be true for most carriers. Really no way to avoid it. If it does, look at your personal property coverage. The minimum Erie does is 60% of the dwelling amount, but the quotes start with 75% of the dwelling amount. Most agents leave that as is, but its usually more coverage than you need. It won't make a huge difference in premium, but do the math and see if you need that much coverage. No point in paying for coverage you don't need.

  5. The most surprising news with this is that I can't believe its been 7 years since I watched the daily show.

  6. He was built different but he overdid it. Hes not V

  7. So imo the anime and the game are inconstant with cyperpsychosis. The show makes it seems like cyberpsychosis is pretty much guaranteed if you have enough cyberware. David is special because he has a stronger resistance than most... but in the game that does not appear to be the case. It seems the cyberpsychosis in game is caused by some sort of traumatic experience rather than just cyberware. Every one of the cyberpsychos you go against had some sort of issue to push them over the edge. In the game world, David would not be special because it seems like tons of people don't go crazy from cyberware. V is debatable because of the relic but just look how chromed up maelstrom guys are. Yes they seem crazy but not like cyberpsychos. Also tons of NPC's are chromed head to toe.

  8. Grind the ski lift cables

  9. We honestly don’t know, because the guy filming didn’t go to help. But let’s look at the visual cues.

  10. Are you sure he is clearly awake? It looks like his eyes are closed. My first take away was that he was taking a lil nappy poo and dreaming like a dog. Maybe he's running in his dream. But yeah either way not good. I first saw this OG post, and I was happy to see all the comments were feeling bad for him rather than making fun.

  11. That's not fair. As American I never wake up to any of that stuff..... because I don't follow the news.

  12. I’m not arguing your conclusion, I’m arguing that posting on anime and gaming subs doesn’t make you a bigot. I mean you post on gaming subs, are you a bigot? Sure there’s a correlation, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fact.

  13. Well second heart activates when you die, and cold blood activates when you kill someone or on crit hits (if you have the perk). I don’t know for certain but cold blood was most likely active when second heart was activated. And i’m pretty sure it still worked after second heart was activate. Granted I never really paid attention to this before, I just never noticed any issues.

  14. Supposedly the cold blood life saver doesnt actually show up in the cooldown/cyberware use/damage debuff whatever bar

  15. Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg is nice without being “fine dining,” but is a little on the pricier side (but definitely not “Michelin-adjacent”). A $ range per person and some cuisine preferences would be useful.

  16. Second this place. It was really good when I went. One of the best in leesburg imo. Nice but not too fancy. I think most entrees are in the $20-$35 range.

  17. Yeah I figured No Way Home would win by a landslide. It’s easily the most rewatchable of this phase IMO.

  18. I loved NWH in theaters for the nostalgia but on rewatch it does not hold up. The plot is just so dumb and Peter and Strange make the stupidest decisions.

  19. Seriously this headline is just tempting everyone to watch it.

  20. Its true, I had no interest in watching this movie... but now I'm intrigued.

  21. That's the second grossest. The most disgusting thing was when he had to eat the octopus. I literally started dry heaving and had to look away. I have no issue with gore, but eating something gross wrecks me.

  22. I agree Lizzo is talented af but I don’t get wtf she is wearing... It does not compliment her body type imo

  23. To be fair the only thing that would compliment her body type is a thick blanket

  24. Personally I like zero dawn a lot more. Its less grindy and the story is way better. It's one of the best stories of any game I played. Uncovering the mystery is the best part imo. Either play it or watch a YouTube recap, but nothing will do it justice besides playing it.

  25. Well you did kill like 300 of his coworkers and his mistress.

  26. I bet those glasses on your avatar make you super cool

  27. Well I can see that you do not have an avatar, which means you are superior to me in everyway. No avatar = based

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