1. Maybe show the sites that don’t have hits so compulsive campers can grab their names?

  2. that's what I thought this was, somewhat disappointed

  3. Probably not the cheapest option, but I'd consider it if I was replacing any of the ones I currently own for sure

  4. Well you can buy a usb-c HDMI cable and a standard USB hub. Sabrent makes a hub with 10 ports.

  5. They'll transfer normally. Sun & Moon on cards can all be transferred and are playable immediately; XY and BW cards transfer as well but aren't playable yet. It's just HGSS that isn't transferring.

  6. No specific neighbourhood in mind. (I guess that should be my first step!) Reasonable access to UofT and downtown TO in general would be the main priority though.

  7. The noise interlude has been part of their set in that spot since the Skazka days at least.

  8. Also, earning credits from initial battle pass deck duplicates is back after going away for a set. Not sure if they meant to do that, but getting credits for the extra Research and Boss is definitely significant.

  9. So is PTCGO still usable or is this the official migration? Ive been away for a year

  10. PTCGO is still online and will be for the foreseeable future. No ETA on the full release yet.

  11. Battle Pass is much better with how many packs it awards (plus 2 God Packs), but why did they remove 20 levels from the Battle Pass?

  12. The next set, Silver Tempest, is releasing in 9 weeks instead of 12.

  13. I would assume they aren't changing the set at all on this tour since they've got a temporary guitarist in for Bowen

  14. Are other expanded cards crafteable, i.e. Computer Search? Or promo cards from sword and shield?

  15. League promos aren't craftable, but other promos are. All regular set cards are definitely craftable.

  16. Each battle pass starts with a new main set release, so you have about 12 weeks to complete it. 12 weeks is 84 days. You probably just started this one a little late.

  17. Surely the fact the game is ass and nearly nobody is playing it is impacting how long it takes to find a match lmao.

  18. That's part of it, but last night it took me almost half an hour to find a match. There's definitely something else going on

  19. Coins work the same as PTCGO, but there's also a more extensive shop that uses a currency that only works for cosmetics. There are actually a lot of different PTCGL exclusive coins that look quite good.

  20. I like it. On PTCGO (and irl) I probably spend an extra 15-20 seconds per game making absolutely sure that my math is correct, playing a deck like Malamar or Mew. That time adds up. Manual damage calculation might be a necessity for physical play, but that doesn't make it a good thing for the game.

  21. I think you're overestimating the costs of crafting cards. Let's say you want to build every decent competitive deck from Astral Radiance, before accounting for opening packs (which you get ~100 of through the Battle Pass).

  22. Battle pass is super cheap as vherostar said, and there isn't a way to use real money to buy it even if you wanted to.

  23. I have a few code cards for league decks. If I redeem them it will put me over the 4x and 59x limit. If I open it after the migration, will those duplicates transfer akin to duplicates from booster packs?

  24. I wouldn't call it mocking. Just an observation. The developers, TPCi, and what they release are the basis for any reaction from the playerbase, which includes me. It's hardly my fault that the overall reaction towards them have been negative itself, and I'm not in the minority that appear to be delighted in how things have gone.

  25. Not at the moment, unfortunately. The good news is that it's much easier to build decks as a casual player compared to PTCGO - you start out with 8 near-competitive decks, and get 2 more each set release via the battle pass. There's also a separate matchmaking queue for casual games if you're not into climbing the ladder.

  26. Do they expect people to be satisfied that there is nowhere to view the collection? This is the 'gotta catch 'em all' franchise, that is kind of important to a lot of Pokemon fans. And do they expect players of the Pokemon TRADING Card Game to be satisfied that there is no trading? You can have a trading and optional dusting hybrid system.

  27. I really like both of those changes. I guess it's an unpopular opinion, but I don't see why trading and collecting features are necessary for a digital game. You can always just collect the real cards if you're into that.

  28. Great article. Hoping a video pops up of the brass band segment. I like the residency idea too.

  29. They posted a couple of quick videos on their Facebook page.

  30. How did he switch back? He made a new account?

  31. I know AzulGG reached Arceus on his stream before he switched back to PTCGO.

  32. Yes, we do know. They have already announced that the only formats will be Standard and Expanded. This is really old news.

  33. I know those are the only currently announced formats. My point is that a lot can change in the length of time it's going to take for the full release to happen. They haven't officially ruled out alternate formats for the future as far as I know.

  34. Nothing that we know of right now. The game is still in development, though, and PTCGO probably won't be shut down anytime soon, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

  35. Trying to get price adjustment on HD order based on an Amazon price. The associate’s comment about not being able to “check out as a guest” on Amazon threw me off too. I had to ask a couple times to understand what she was talking about. Maybe something in the price match procedure that says it has to be available to checkout as an Amazon guest?? 🤷‍♂️

  36. This is an incredibly old comment but I gotta clarify this. We do price match Amazon, in Canada at least. The thing that I am 99.9% sure was happening here is that the employee needed to make sure that you didn't need to be a Prime member to get the lower price, because we cannot match prices that are exclusive to a paid membership.

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