1. Because he didn't talk to the media for three months? or because he's worth negative WAR through 350 games

  2. Aw, let the guy live his life. Who cares if he doesn’t want to talk, the reason doesn’t matter.

  3. this is probably an attempt to ease the pressure off from critics for the gambling side of these loot boxes.

  4. Lmao it's not that deep. They announced months ago that any lootboxes unopened will be automatically opened and the contents be in the user's accounts as loot boxes won't exist in OW2

  5. I mean, from a gambling point of view, thst was literally the most appealing thing about loot boxes for people abd for streamers using it as content for their viewers. Whether you think its deep or not concept to understand.

  6. Do you think Activision/Blizzard cares about gambling side of this? If they did they would've changed it back in 2016 when the criticism was happening.

  7. Brutal that the Tigers let Avila saddle them with one last bad contract on the way out.

  8. Not exactly a bad contract, he is performing as advertised. He had a thumb injury in April, which may have been an impact on his awful May numbers, but since ~mid June he is middle of the pack among all SS's in every category.

  9. His OBP is .280. That contract is absolutely bad. You’re going to watch him strikeout nearly 1,000 times during it.

  10. He's just not obligated to, plus the other potential reasons mentioned above and below by others.

  11. Stavenhagen never said he was obligated to talk. Just finds that him randomly deciding to stop talking to reporters and no comment about it from him or the PR people is weird.

  12. It's obvious by Stavenhagen's entire tone that he thinks Harold Castro is obligated to talk to the media (read: Stavenhagen), or he wouldn't be making a fuss about it.

  13. He wasn't making a fuss about it, he pointed something out (the same as every Tigers beat reporter did on Twitter). It's not as if he wrote an entire article or even criticized Harold about it. Harold has had a relatively good season, but hasn't talked to anyone since May about his season.

  14. So Candy is 39th out of 49 for 3B. Yikes...

  15. He absolutely deserves a spot on this roster, even in the everyday lineup. The amount of times that he’s come in clutch for us this season shows how important he is to this club. I didn’t anticipate writing this at the beginning of the year, but here we are.

  16. He's worth negative bWAR both this year and in his career. Along with that his "Win Probability Added" is also in the negatives this year.

  17. ??? Only one publication had Detroit getting third. Everyone else was 4th or 5th. Including the betting odds.

  18. Yeah, Schoop is going to finish out his contract as a utility infielder. I wonder what that arm would look like at 3B

  19. Tyler Alexander has been pitching extremely well lately, I know he did the same thing last season, but I’m not ready to write him off totally from being put in the rotation next year.

  20. Good thing we won five of our last six or we would be in really bad shape.

  21. I'd be happy with winning the series against KC and MIN and splitting against SEA. 66-97 wouldn't be the worst.

  22. I'm going to share a quote from the article at the risk of getting banned.

  23. In player development, especially a bat first prospect that has struggled with MLB pitching, the first thing to getting back on the right track is hitting the ball hard. Since coming back in September

  24. I guess it's all relative if .388 slugging is considered an improvement.

  25. Schoop is going to be here next year, probably not as an everday 2B, but with his arm he should probably be able to play 3B and SS at a league average rate and be a fine utility IF.

  26. goff not playing great from my eye check

  27. Games like this remind me why I'm not ready to give up on Baddoo. Two walks, a bunt, speed on the base paths, he has the makeup to be an elite player.

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