1. Can the Libs just have a DLP-esque party split already and give Labor 20 years in office?

  2. Tasmania was the only state that swung to the Libs and her swing was below average lol. She doesnt have some fanatic following there.

  3. Yes!! I've been wondering all this time what Brenda has been thinking about all the politics since 2017.

  4. Haha, yeah. My car's engine gave out about a year ago, (Freak thing, timing chain slipped and bent the valves) and because I was planning on visiting Australia anyway I opted to not finance a new one. The area I lived, in north Houston, there was just... no public transport. I had to catch an Uber or Lyft to work on days I couldn't carpool with my roommate. (We split costs of travel). There weren't even sidewalks half the time, let alone crosswalks. The fact I can get on a tram and go somewhere is sort of mindblowing to me.

  5. So sad how completely lacklustre (huge swathes of) the US is when it comes to public transport :(

  6. I mean did you hear what happened to America when they tried that?

  7. I respect that, I'm from the complete opposite side of the argument, but I'm not going to pretend they aren't poison to your body. It also puts a huge drain on public health.

  8. As someone who will be entering the workforce (hopefully) soon, and the full-time workforce (hopefully) in a few year's time, it'd be really nice to see this change :)

  9. Looks good, but I am BEGGING you to get rid of the checkerboard 😭

  10. Ngl, being able to fit the entire Tory parliamentary party in the back of a taxi is a really heartwarming prospect.

  11. The Liberals knew it was going to be bad and basically campaigned on "Please don't give Labor a majority in the upper house."

  12. I know, but it still doesn't take away from the results which we saw.

  13. It would require Tories with integrity to fall on their swords for the good of the country... So I guess we wait until December 2024.


  15. Jumping on the i'M a GrEeNs mEMbeR train, but Thorpe really needs to go somehow. She's causing significant damage to the party, and we really shouldn't have to tolerate her any longer.

  16. Another Greens member here, and I made sure to vote below the line specifically so that I could preference all the other Greens Senate candidates before her. On paper she ticks a lot of boxes, and I think it’s good for the party to have a political brawler in the ranks, but I am wholly unconvinced of her character and I continually have those doubts reinforced.

  17. The war was wrong, all of them are. But that is no excuse to break the law. It is the same way I feel about people getting jailed for medical marijuana. It is unjust but it is illegal not to do so and as such should be punished.

  18. Not necessarily. I am merely saying that the law applies to all, and that leaving those who suffered by themselves is not much better than avoiding it in the first place, morally speaking.

  19. It's fine if you allow that sort of small things, heck, even the almighty

  20. We got into an argument on Twitter lmfao. He was defs a lil bit silly.

  21. Obama was not horribly unpopular there I think West Virginia is a good criticism of the Democratic Party itself. Instead of staying with the people like dukakis they abandoned them for “big city folk”. Even till 2012 residentially there were rural supermajority white counties voting blue all over America which swapped to like 30+ trump jn 2016. It was really only rural south that voted really red. Also rural places aren’t opposed to electing democrats at all even in places in North Dakota if they don’t reflect the federal government dems

  22. Usually I vehemently disagree with you, but I actually think this is very insightful and well-said.

  23. Tell me you know nothing about history without saying you know nothing about history

  24. Very interesting playing as Nixon in this universe when IRL I align with Democrats!

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