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  • By - 48H1

  1. But this is the main criticism about Chip and his nascar team: - If Chip Ganassi actually cared about his Nascar team, then why in every racing sunday after 2018, he stopped appearing in the nascar races supporting his team, instead he uses the racing sundays for his Indycar team?

  2. I think there are some weekends where Rick isn't there these days, but if he isn't, you can bet your ass his heir apparent Jeff Gordon is.

  3. Can’t watch the race, update on the 9. Just saw he ran the fastest lap behind Hamlin, how’s he doing?

  4. Thanks for the explanation. Yeah, nobody is 100% good or bad. Everyone has a complicated history.

  5. No you evict the kid for not paying rent to their "landlord"

  6. Gervais' rant, while epic, will only ever be allowed to happen once. These award shows aren't for the common man, they are for the egoists of Hollywood to doll themselves up and pat each other on the back. Given how utterly disgusting most of them seem to be, I have no idea why anyone would actually watch the circlejerk.

  7. It depends. Minor shit is miserable, but I also have sliced my foot on a piece of broken pottery, jumped in a saltwater pool, and barely noticed until my sister (who was behind me on the diving board) asked why there was blood on the diving board. Needed like 4-5 stitches.


  9. Well, Ford has said they are working on a GT3 Mustang. If the ACO drops the GTE category, that would be an ideal entry.

  10. First off there is no god. Second, rare doesn’t mean never. And third, sparing an existence of suffering before it begins is the closest thing to mercy that the universe can offer.

  11. All existence is suffering. But that doesn't mean we have carte blanche to kill whomever we think will suffer too much. What metric do you use to justify this?

  12. I don’t have or plan to have kids, and I’m not a woman so I will never be in that position, so it’s not my call. And I can’t stress this enough: it isn’t your call either, unless the fetus is inside of you, and is your lifelong responsibility.

  13. I turned off the race for a second to see the spread hit and this happens…can’t turn the race off at all anymore

  14. Fox missed the wreck, but at least brought in expert analyst (checks notes) John Smoltz to break down what happened.

  15. Because Fox doesn't actually give a fuck about NASCAR, it is just a vehicle for advertising the other sports they show. Pay attention to how much USFL, WWE, MLB, and other sports they advertise.

  16. That sounds fun until you remember that 90% of the race will be under caution because of the truck and xfinity backmarkers vomiting all over themselves

  17. IMSA having a Stock Car class would be more likely, imo. And this whole experiment could very easily be an attempt to test that.

  18. The 9 crew put in some work this offseason, damn.

  19. Did anyone want a second fucking football league? It is bad enough Fall is overtaken by that damn game, why do we need a spring league?

  20. Why not? Such a design could easily be transferred onto merch (a scarf, for example).

  21. lol no, he wouldn't think that at all. Jimmie isn't a businessman like Jeff is, he has never shown any interest in administration or ownership.

  22. Eh, rumor is, HMS wants Jimmie to help in driver development. All rumors right now, but I figure a 7-time Cup Series Champion could do good coaching some young guns.

  23. Why the fuck would they bother hiring Jimmie for driver development when they have easily the best driver lineup in the series and all of them are younger than 30? HMS doesn't need to develop a thing. They have the dynasty locked in for the next decade.

  24. Except that certain elements within HMS (Chad Knaus in particular) are trying to push towards expansion into other motorsports. Yeah, they've got the Cup lineup locked in, but, for example, an IMSA team? They'll need some drivers to fill those seats, and Jimmie has a lot of experience in a variety of motorsports, if not to the degree of success he has had in NASCAR.

  25. The best example for that in the USA is still how many brand everything they dont like as Communist, some even call the left party (idk which one it is) as Communist, while by many European standard, they are about Center-Right or something along the lines of that

  26. Not sure if you read my comment or are just trolling, but McCarthy accomplished nothing and directly hampered the efforts of people who were actually fighting Communism.

  27. And why shouldn't they be? This is their land after all.

  28. Is music saved by the grace of God? Or are people? If the band is made up of professing believers who legitimately seem to be walking with the Lord, then why exclude them?

  29. Ryan Newman was not the problem in the 6. Clear as day.

  30. It depends on which world we are looking at. Inside the Matrix, Matrix Neo wins. In Remnant, RWBY Neo.

  31. Exactly! Way too many people think human rights is a political issue, which is very sad…

  32. The politics failed and a war started. War can most definitely be condemned and support can be shown for people fighting for there freedoms without being political. Whoever is getting the two entangled clearly has a hard time telling right from wrong.

  33. If that came across on TV as anything short of spectacular racing, FOX should be stripped of their broadcasting rights immediately.

  34. Teammate assassination, trash tires, idiotically long cautions to get the cars that blew said tires off the track. Nah.

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