1. The show in the park seemed very quiet for some reason, idk. It was cool but none of us knew it was sung live until after the show ended. Also, the stage was in the worst spot possible, blocking most of the good view points from guests. We might have to go watch it again just to get the actual show.

  2. I completely understand your sentiment. I do agree that they fixed something that wasn't broken (the fastpass system) and did so just to make more money. That part is messed up. Now from a users standpoint, I have been 4 times since lightning lane came out and I feel like I get on rides even faster than when I used the fastpass system. So yes, it's messed up making us pay for something that used to be free, but I also am loving how many rides I am able to ride in one day, especially if I plan it all out accordingly (I.E. ropedropping ROR and getting the more popular lightning lanes out of the way in the morning).

  3. So this is a great sentiment for a single person buying one lightning lane, but for a large family (such as ours is 7), it’s a difference of almost $200. Per day. It’s asinine, and for the fact they are prioritizing single or double riding adults or small families over large families is greedy. Like the fact that my family is sweating profusely in the HM line where we can see the entrance 20 feet in front of us but it’s still a 30 minute wait until we get on as they see a bunch of adults speed past them. It’s sad.

  4. I actually want to thank everyone for lowering the expectations to nearly 0. Because thanks to that I could actually enjoy Dominion for what it is.

  5. Nah the next series is logically Jurassic Universe, where they send the dinos into space

  6. Doctor who got their first with Dinosaurs on a spaceship.

  7. Ah yes I forgot, the idea isn’t completely insane. Though, with Trevorrow at the helm, it would be batshit madness.

  8. Literally no error in sight, this is just your blunder OP

  9. Ooh that’s a good question I would also like to know this, going in 3 weeks

  10. I genuinely cannot stand how there is not one single hit T-Swift song that isn’t about a relationship problem. Wherever she goes, drama follows. I mean tbf though, she isn’t the worst on this list though, it’s her incessant fans who will literally set fire to anyone who isn’t a fan of her music.

  11. playing devils advocate (and I am absolutely not calling it trash I love the show), it is only 6 episodes long. Giving a series more than 2 episodes is typical, but in this case that's a third of the entire series.

  12. I think all the inquisitors minus the one that was “killed” (quotations because we know how they handle death) are pretty cartoony but I think it fits because they are immature and egotistical. Some of the dialogue is a bit questionable but I think the cartoony-ness is pretty on point.

  13. That's terrible on so many levels. And here i was thinking that America was all about "my freedoms".

  14. America is all about “muh freedoms”…as a straight, white, Christian, gun-hugging male.

  15. No, a reservation is not required for the second park, however you must have a reservation and enter the first park you planned for the that day before you use the park hopper. Park hopping opens at 2 and is available for all parks. Transportation around the Disney property is free and you can go pretty much anywhere with it- resorts, parks, water parks, and Disney springs. This includes the monorail, skyliner, Disney busses and ferry boats. You may have to take more than one mode of transportation to park hop but no, you don’t have to go through a park or multiple parks to get to another one.

  16. Making a mistake doesn't necessarily make you a "shitty driver". I tend to believe the OP is a pretty good driver.

  17. I agree that a lot of people on this sub are good drivers but there are a lot of videos of dumb mistakes like this made by good drivers, and the mistake is shit on by people who have definitely made similar mistakes before. It’s one thing to laugh, it’s another thing to say they don’t deserve to exist.

  18. Ya know this sub is full of people shitting on drivers messing up but on a lot, people forget that we’re all shit drivers and we all make mistakes on the road. Good on ya OP for posting this and owning up to your mistake.

  19. I highly doubt it, seeing as we have yet to get any Marvel show sets. It’s very likely we will have a marvel show minifig pack wave 2 with moonknight characters included, but as for a set? Probably not.

  20. i personally think they’ll do another d+ series based off hawkeye moonknight ms marvel and she hulk, that’s just me though and what i think they’ll do

  21. Yeah, I mentioned that another minifig pack was likely but I don’t think a set will be possible

  22. Philosophy Tube has an interesting video based on this argument— it’s called Abortion and Ben Shapiro I believe, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

  23. Thank you for this comment, would have never known about this video otherwise. I was genuinely engaged the entire time, was an excellent video.

  24. If your answer was wrong in question A but you used the same answer, your work will carry over. So for example, if you get 5 for question A, and it’s wrong, but you use 5 for the next question, and assuming all work is correct, question B will be correct.

  25. Thanks. Am i going to get full points for question B? I mean i understand they give me points for my work in question B but am i gonna get a point for the answer of question B?

  26. If you’re thinking of that bs video of the baby getting ripped apart limb by limb and taken out piece by piece, it’s already been debunked. Plus, many abortions take place during the fetal stage, so the baby is no bigger than your hand or even sometimes, your thumb.

  27. Can we pass through other cars though?

  28. I'd say the youngest (my little sister). Although my little sister and my older brother were both very rebellious in their teens. I was very tame and easy to handle in comparison.

  29. Youngest. The middle child is the problem child and is in trouble the most, and the oldest (me) bears the responsibility of the family but also takes the fall for a lot of crap. The youngest gets in trouble for stuff but a lot of times it’s put on me for “not being the older person in the situation”.

  30. Fuckers like mr. mustang are the same asshats who do 100+ mph on the the freeway and pass within 2 ft. I swear not enough of these assholes wreck

  31. I mean there’s wrecks all the time, but the fuckers demolish like 3 minivans with them

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