Mother of Sandy Hook victim lays into Alex Jones during his defamation trial

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Pistol whipping granny meets her match

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  1. Okay give us UBI so I don't work to death which requires said nap to survive.

  2. Pandering to a communist regime that blatantly commits human rights violations isn't very nice either.

  3. Literally every "powerful" country does this shit.

  4. Never once did I advocate for the US, I disagree with this government on many fronts as well.

  5. Want to see his first reaction on p*rn to be honest😂

  6. It's laughable at best how adamant people are about defending their shit diets. Just eat healthy food

  7. damn and theyre trying to ban and outlaw guns 😂

  8. And if the robbers had guns while this guy had a knife? It's easy to make the argument when you're only thinking one about side

  9. Yep cause you know those pesky CRIMINALS are always following the LAW

  10. Did you want to have an actual discussion, or just pass some counterproductive sarcasm?

  11. Thank you for clarification! I'm not as up to speed on history as I should be, what you mentioned had eluded me initially.

  12. Great, another walking waste of resources. At least she's stupid enough to invite the entire world to shame her

  13. What - her? Or this pointless post with no update?

  14. 100% her, though I do agree this post was total clickbait because there's no actual update. All it did was highlight her instagram and showcase her insanely annoying voice

  15. There's a rock out in the woods that has been very lonely since you left from under it

  16. Nearly all of the vegans/vegetarians I've met were people of color. Myself included.

  17. As a fellow NYer, and somebody who had an Aunt Carmel, I promise you I am referring to the thing goes in chocolate, not proper names.

  18. Totally understandable; I just couldn't resist a loosely strewn together Fallout reference haha

  19. They’re high on my bucket list of games to play but somehow I still haven’t played them. Maybe one day.

  20. From what I've played, Fallouts 3, New Vegas, and 4 are worth checking out as a first impression. 1 and 2 I've heard are also good, though it's a different play style so that's more about personal preference

  21. That was so cute how the employees played along.

  22. Are cables still as ugly unless you hide them as when they were first introduced? I haven't played this game in a while and I remember it really bothering me that they are just straight lines that simply go through anything without restrictions. Not to mention that the plugs are just aligned with the cable itself and not the outlet they should be plugged into. I would hope that in a base building overhaul cables would be removed at least when it comes to powering your base. I get that they are needed for logic stuff but other than that they don't seem to add anything since you firstly don't need any resources to craft them and secondly because you can just hide them eventually you might as well just have wireless power distribution.

  23. Wireless power distribution is exactly how bases functioned a while ago, before they overhauled building and added cables, as well as the need to wire everything.

  24. Just a drop in the bucket of blind Trump lovers in Upstate NY.

  25. Was forced to move to upstate NY. I hate it, trump flags and brandon stickers on every other car/house.

  26. Don't forget the Confederate flags, the area is so North it turns back into the south

  27. It's very backwards; I'm sure the northern education reflects this as well. I came from just a few towns south of here, still in NY but, there is a ton of cultural diversity and decent education.

  28. I think you misunderstood my comment. I'm not comparing to CNASA because it would be a waste of time.

  29. Jesus christ people when will you get that communism can and will never work. Like seriously everyone is like "haha funny system everybody rich" not realising that this system is probably the deadliest thing ever created.

  30. People downvote you but happily ignore the attempted genocide of minorities, and blatant abuse of their own people under the CCP (Chinese Communist Party, for the dummies that don't know)

  31. Ahh good thing we live under capitalism where that definitely never happens

  32. It amazes me every time how most people cling to the "one side or the other" mentality, like there's no room or potential for growth or simply a better system in between.

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