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  1. I'm gonna be honest, this is a question only you really know the answer to. We know very little about you, your wants, and your needs. We are a group of people who decided "yes, UCF was right for us and our needs," so right away there's going to be a major bias. Why do you want to do four years at UCF? Do you think your admission to local colleges would be affected by applying a while after high school graduation? Does your high school charge alumni for transcripts? There's a lot of seemingly tiny factors outside of those to consider as well.

  2. I don't know if American majors are much different, but most of ny bachelor's consisted of writing research papers

  3. They're really not, thing is, I believe foreign languages degrees are more based on competency in the studied language than much actual research on the subject. I could be totally wrong there though, I did poli sci and business.

  4. Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr are fairly reliable, and there are several tuning cheat sheets available on this sub as well.

  5. Heck, back then it was common for battle to take place in barren places away from towns (now, i'm not an idiot, I know that after the battle the winning side pillaged the losing side villages/towns)

  6. What planet are you living on where the use of hospitals and schools as battlegrounds is celebrated? It may be done, but it's not like it's not frowned upon, let alone celebrated.

  7. In the immortal words of Milo Aukerman, "You can only be a victim if you admit defeat."

  8. Sonic BOOM. It's got a few good gags but I wouldn't call it a comedic masterpiece.

  9. Its true, it must be one of the cruelest things in the world to put peaceful herbivores into something like world war one

  10. I mean, have you seen that video of the horse eating the chick whole?

  11. Lol quite afew recorded instances of herbovorous animals comitting carnivory too

  12. I'm mostly joking, of course, though the horse in the video didn't seem to be lacking in food.

  13. I would have wished you a quick and easy recovery but not anymore.

  14. Don't ask how I know this, but Japanese pornography censors genitals, and a comparison could be made between an output jack and female genitalia.

  15. Fender is trash who the fuck makes circle fretboard? Fender, what a shit design. Not to mention they have the most god awful midscooped amps known to man, terrible I hate fender, Gibson all the way. (Ps the headstock only breaks when your a moron that walks around smashing it into everything.)

  16. I'll never complain about a Fugazi reference, but I think a quote from "In the Fade" by QotSA woulda worked better.

  17. I like using flatwound 12s, but you can really use anything you'd like, if you've got it all set up properly.

  18. Amalgam is the most obvious one, but there have been little one-off crossover comics.

  19. It's kinda hard to tell if we don't have any pictures or info about it other than that it's a Squier.

  20. Why you asked after you bought it? It's pretty impossible to find a 'fake' squier

  21. I'd recommend finding a luthier here, which I don't ordinarily do, but given your experience level and the difficulty of this fix, it's probably needed.

  22. There's one that's currently undergoing reconstruction, I'll post it when it seems to be ready.

  23. the problem is that it isn't extermination,and i never said systemic extermination is a good thing you're laying words in my mouth.

  24. The Jewish side of my family immigrated from Hungary in the 1930s, but not all of them made it to the US. I'm keenly aware of what systematic extermination looks like, and China seems to be matching it pretty damn closely.

  25. it's sad that parts of your family experienced it and now you're downplaying the Nazis

  26. It's sad that someone most in need of knowing the signs of extermination of a people is so lacking in that information.

  27. I think even if it was an awesome game it would flop due to the hype.

  28. The hype for it is unprecedented, just like it was for GTA 5. It'll probably sell massively and break new records.

  29. And then everyone will say they're disappointed and they will barely sell beyond pre-orders.

  30. I'm playing my first 5E game soon, and Jesus christ casters hit like a truck. I'm used to cantrips being like 1d3, so seeing one that's a d12 was a bit of a surprise.

  31. Looks like another angle of the cover to the Seamus Heaney translation.

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