1. Social Bones sounds like a hit new cocktail bar.

  2. I think they look like hot garbage, are expensive, and only adults will want to wear them at all.

  3. The outback hat? I don’t think this is a uniform or kids hat. It’s for adults that happen to like waxed canvas hats.

  4. Based on their posting history... this one?

  5. Oh the Outback hat. I have not actually worn one but it looks cool. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. 5.11 is great if your tall. Otherwise they are too baggy. The only slim fit they make doesn’t come in green.

  7. Same in Phoenix. Anything that doesn't move in a week is basically not worth looking or priced too high.

  8. Yup. I know this map shows Phoenix metro is a bit red but every zip code I work is green.

  9. The subdivisions have piped water independent of scottsdale - it’s the 500ish homes off dirt roads on hauled water that have been cut off

  10. So what’s a full truck now cost? They are 6,000 gallons right?

  11. There are pro-life people who are also pro-gun control. March For Our Lives is just alienating them and reducing all people to party line operatives.

  12. The underlying math that determines organic patterns typically yields some kind of golden ratio. Having a normalized set of rules like that helps the simulation run in a high frame rate with few glitches.

  13. We forgot our official troop flag so some paracord, two sticks, and a surplus neckerchief ended up being a winner at camp! Really we took it everywhere and won best flag. Take that store bought flags :)

  14. This is false. Only the method in the study and IVF have shown any influence on the sex of the child.

  15. Interesting. I’ve seen quite a lot of evidence that this swim speed thing is real. Is there a study that has disproven this?

  16. You have seen quite a lot of evidence? Well, well, please show us up ven a little bit of that evidence.

  17. The other poster got me looking, so that's a morning lost, oh well :)

  18. Wise words from rich guy I know: “buy the best camera you can afford.”

  19. Given this story, I’ll bet you can get your parish open the choir loft.

  20. The problem with the libertarians is that their party has been taken over by anarchism and conspiracy theories. Most of the real libertarians have been pushed into the Democrat or Republican parties depending on how they lean.

  21. IMO - If it still functions properly without internal issues, have it engraved with the date of the fire and keep the rust as a battle scar.

  22. Bro just push for SBRs to be taken off the NFA.

  23. Why would the earnest matter? You’ll never see that money either way

  24. Earnest money is the amount the buyer is willing to put up to cover liquidated damages should buyer violate the contract. If all goes well that money typically becomes part of the down payment or closing costs.

  25. It would be a cold day in hell before I’d put up a non-refundable deposit.

  26. The times we have gone hard with earnest is mid closing where some negotiation tools are needed. Case study: buyers needed to extend closing by about 14 days. Sellers didn’t want to do that and were tired of the buyers delays. We offered 50% of earnest becomes non-refundable. They took the offer, the deal closed, everyone was happy.

  27. This is wrong. Bishops are free to criticize other bishops publically but to do so in a rhetoric that is indistinguishable from your average trad neckbeard is not befitting of a successor to the Apostles

  28. Ideally yes but St Nicholas is also famous for punching Arius in the face. Historians question if this actually happened, but I like think about it when I’m getting into the Christmas spirit:)

  29. We did separate girls dens for a few years. When the option to go co-ed was given to us with the pilot program we took it. It’s been much better for everyone involved to be co-ed.

  30. Were the kids eager to combine, indifferent, or opposed the idea? How many girls in the den?

  31. The kids were all for it. They play together at school and after school and then they were separated for scouts. That didn’t make sense to them. For the kids, co-Ed dens just make sense.

  32. Not sure why downvoted. 100% could have been avoided with better awareness and supervision. Maybe we should stop expanding into their natural environments and destroying their food sources.

  33. This happened in the backyard of a house in a well established neighborhood between Cactus and about 107th. The parents are the ones that stopped the attack.

  34. Ace/True Value had them and the resistor reader for a long time. Last I checked stock was getting low.

  35. I like Wouxun 805 you mentioned. I have few of their GMRS radios and I like them. What sets them apart is that the 805 FRS radios have a superheterodyne receiver instead of the cheaper direct sampling receiver. But you're right, they cost more than the UV5 and that's mostly because of the receiver.

  36. It just blow's my mind that you can pick up a uv5r for 20$ but any gmrs specific radio even the uv5g and the gm30 are almost twice the cost.

  37. The baofengs and similar radios are mind bogglingly cheap even for what they are. I have two and they work fine. And yeah I’m shocked at how cheap it is.

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