1. 2D portraits would either have to be generic af or take a lot of money and time tho. Either ck2 generic portraits or 1000s of custom portraits that require a lot of commissions

  2. I think the experience with minor leaders in HoI4 suggests that the situation would be much worse with

  3. Ah, I see what you mean, since custom 3d portraits is just character customization in new vegas, commissioning manually drawn 2d portraits is a lot less effective

  4. The clone wars is a show for adults because anakin commits false surrender agaisnt a bunch of funny roborts.

  5. In episode 241 in an out of camera shot klinbong bing bing borp is implied to have maybe said a bad word without his parents permission, clearly this is not a show for kids

  6. If you showed this comment to Jesus he'd rage and start flipping tables

  7. obviously. Do native americans get worse discrimination than black people?

  8. Arguably yeah, the reservations fucking suck, unemployment is obscenely high because of the lack of businesses, and because of that there's a 50% average high school graduation rate, drug use is rampant because dealers will target reservations sometimes since it's very difficult to enforce the law on any non residents (white people) and the government agents that are supposed to give out the rations for everyone usually abuse there position, so while there isnt any active discrimination, them being all but forced to live in tiny Gary Indiana's all around the country makes an equivalent system

  9. African American dictatorship believing all black people are descended from saturn based gods

  10. WASD to move around the map, and when I click to go back to the menu, hear this, it goes back to the menu.

  11. Nah, just make both an option it’s not hard

  12. You'd think, but paradox doesnt have customizable keys for any game (to my knowledge)

  13. Alright, come on, the soviets put the first man in space the first animal in space, and the first satellite in space

  14. And us put first first weather and communication satelite. Just coz soviet killed a dog in space first doesn't mean they won space race

  15. No, I'm not contesting that, I'm saying it's impressive that within 30 years of there existence they put the first man in space

  16. The right side, we have more guns I’d think

  17. Montana, washington, oregon, colorado, idaho, and the dakotas all have numerous militias

  18. Tbf full blown Civil War isn’t very realistic.

  19. Then play twr, since they care about making a plausible scenario, I play tno for a cool one

  20. It sucks, because i hate to do it, but what choice do we have?

  21. I don’t even know who Camacho is and I prefer him to the current president.

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