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  1. AFAIk the rewards (below) did not pass the poll (failed on both times they polled it), so why are they still adding these into the game, as mentioned in June gielinor gazette?

  2. Because they have made it abundantly clear about the last 40 days they dont give a fuck what we think. Just got a good little cashcow and pony up. Im getting absolutely sick of Jagex.

  3. Why isnt there any crappier lower level blowpipes besides toxic? It makes any darts below addy pretty useless they should add a few more that dont inflict poison imagine letting bronze darts actually be useful to noobs. Maybe lock it to a minigame reward i dunno.

  4. The problem is that early game is so short comparatively to mid/late game that there isn't really much point in bronze darts being relevant. When they become irrelevant after 15-20 minutes of training anyway, there's no value in them having any use.

  5. Throwing darts rather than firing them is so slow I wouldnt recommend it to anyone

  6. Jane is such a common name, though. It’s honestly surprising that it wasn’t in there

  7. Really depends on where you are from, ive never met a jane, mary-lou is another example not a single one where i live but you go to alaska and it’s as common as Brittany or Jessica.

  8. I'd like to find some monster to afk melee, who drops something interesting for ironmen. Not like those crabs. And that these mosters wouldnt hit me too hard, so that I won't need to pray. Something like twisted banshees are for ranged, but for melee.

  9. I have about same meele stats, now that i got my firecape today! Im gonna take that and my fighter torso and beat some wildy bosses in the face with the Colossal blade. Good xp and maybe a dragon pickaxe

  10. Appreciate the link, just finished it. Great recommendation 👍🏻

  11. Thats a really dumb argument, “my dog shits in the street and breaks squirrels necks”. “Some humans do that too, so it makes sense” see what i did there

  12. Then the wiki is wrong, that's less xp per bar than just using bars at gf

  13. Does the grouping PoH teleport take you to Rimmington or your actual PoH thats not in rimmington?

  14. Nah its all about satchels of food 😂 Bet you forgot those existed

  15. Well, stuff like this is why I only use my saint drone on friends now. Bots just waste it. Good play tho.

  16. Dont think of them as bots that’s unproductive i prefer the term “meat shield” as soon as the enemy open fires im comin for that booty…or i would be if speed/toughness wasnt such a bad update i quit.

  17. Having an animal so many people are allergic to in a place they sell food is unprofessional and absolutely disgusting

  18. Tom x Peyton, I’ve noticed the long stares and chemistry those two have 🥹

  19. Cant help but notice OP isnt wearing ranger boots someone photoshop it

  20. Who said that? Michael Scott?

  21. To clarify when i said damage numbers i meant red damage numbers against me. I killed off the healers on my screen took absolutely no damage from start to finish and then the next moment i was outside the fight-caves 🤷🏼‍♂️ so im assuming some kinda server lag. Considering the fact literally the only time ive ever seen this game act up is Jad. However i will take your advice and do it on mobile with my 4G after work

  22. Speed and toughness didnt seem that bad. It killed melee though. The concept seemed cool but needs some tweaks. Lancer should have always been able to outrun anvil per se.

  23. Having non lethal frags was worth quitting over absolutely noone can ever make me budge an inch on this issue and to salt the wound after making them practically worthless without sinking an astronomical amount of money into them that can then be countered by tenacity they also raised their price significantly. Speed and Toughness will be forever seared into my mind as the update that killed this game for me and mine.

  24. Oof. Thought frags were always worst then semtex when i started playing again. But you may be right. I dont buy them on mack anymore because they always fall short. I would buff the range more tho. They were definitely broken back in the day.

  25. Not really there were enough rogues that either had access to tenacity or armor if you were playing against a skilled Dima or Trench rather than bitch and moan buy perks in a manner which will keep you alive, read your opponent and act accordingly

  26. Same problem i had. Only fix i found was to Make a Google account and then link my existed account to google account and then log in with a Google.

  27. Congratulations on the google spyware! Enjoy those extremely personal advertisements!

  28. CWs lackings were proper zombie like maps which i'll give credit BO4 had, if they had the same gameplay systems as CW i think they'd be brilliant and i dont give a shit about EEs anymore, havent since the BO3 days of forcing boss fights into every single one

  29. At least Bo4 had the courtesy of not taking away shields! Armor is an absolute disgrace.

  30. true...didnt really need to make you pay for them though

  31. Thats such a stupid point no offense that im tired of hearing without buying mulekick (unless you are extremely picky or have extremely bad box luck) you should be done buying things by around round 15 after that points are absolutely useless. They just stack up. So ill take the trade off of paying for shields instead trying to melee zombies mid round so i can grab a free one. Absolutely worth it. However the reason the switch to armor pissed me off so much is shields are only 50% defense. A good player uses them like the weapon they are.

  32. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, we really do appreciate it. Like a number of you I was here when Rogue was trying to stand on two wobbly legs and all our feedback came through our Discord. I remember driving conversations for that first Roadmap and how excited (and a little nervous) the team was about sharing the future.

  33. Is there any talk between you guys of removing speed/toughness? Me and a number of players absolutely hated that update, i will not come back as long as its a feature.

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