1. I'd suggets looking at wiring diagrams. Seymour Duncan's website is a pretty good resource for this. Just search by your pickup and control layout.

  2. Yeah it's just garbage. I don't want to play when I get put into lobbies with preds when I've never hit platinum.

  3. Yeah, I thought it got beat by the Ssc tutara or the new Koenensegge

  4. The fastest car is actually supersonic, the thrustSSC.

  5. Does look like it, or at least bits ripped out by hand if not by mouth

  6. I already tried it and he kept glitching, also I kinda abandoned the mission and went ahead like 10 hours of progress

  7. Damn, maybe it's a mod. I would not worry about it to be honest, though you won't see him dressed like a pimp in DC.

  8. It's impossible to fix. They've tried to fix this multiple times and can't. They also can't fix the bronze lobby ranked glitch where good players can basically rank up in bronze lobbies all the way to pred. It's just tightly controlled information because if everyone knew how to do it, it could literally ruin Apex. So people usually know or pay boosters to Host these people into bot lobbies for pubs or ranked for easy 4k 20b farm or get pred easily by just facing bronzes every match. I know of only one YouTuber called iceeops who's known in Apex legends for glitches such as these and he knows how to do it, but doesn't tell anyone how to do it fortunately

  9. It's not. On top of the fact that matchmaking is already garbage to begin with. People also throw like 5 to ten games in pubs to get a bot lobby because of how the EOMM works then they just farm the lobby for ez badges. Also the LL method still works, which blows my mind that still is possible after they said they fixed it

  10. Yeah I don't understand matchmaking, one match there are level 25s next it's 500+.

  11. They must be planning an invasion, a spy dropped it.

  12. Op works for government, don't let him fool you birds are NOT real.

  13. Disagree and unfounded. Unrelated to this, the FBI may stop by your home for suspicious activities Mr. Evil Caleb.

  14. I will jump off the flat earth, no government will hold me

  15. I thought about the Florida incident,I'd much rather keep my life than have an adrenaline rush.

  16. My car. I'm fighting a losing battle keeping it alive but doing it anyway.

  17. Probably not I'd say unless they continue the trend of copy and pasting cars from the past game.

  18. Yeah that thing was cool, a big armored truck would make more sense in Mexico than the UK

  19. Get blackmail on high ranking officials and get lots of money.

  20. I look up what I'm interested in and there is always a sub for it.

  21. Yeah I see them a lot, idk why gas is terrible and 40 inch tires don't fucking help.

  22. I find it hard to believe all black women prefer white men.

  23. I don't even want to play the devil's advocate but I think yes.

  24. Ok, I don't know why you posted this as it seems like your mind will not be changed.

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