i might die in 7 hours, and I'm not afraid.

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  1. Thank you 🙏🏻 please don’t get me wrong . I am not showing off , just wanna record the moment which I feel satisfying.

  2. Never be afraid to show who are you…you are who you are….double down even more on yourself now…piss more ppl off, inspire more ppl on…

  3. I’m sorry to hear this. I truly am 🙏. Been saying this for some time. But this time the whole of NL just got Nexoned😢.

  4. Haha any ideas what I how I can earn that much? (Skills, education, job field, etc?)

  5. Inherit is irreversible. For armour, I would keep at mythic lv40 and slowly necro. Eventually it will be easier to necro - see the 1-2% mastercraft bonus scrolls in every other event now. The gain from inherit armours is tiny.

  6. Loll just chuckle and tell them you’ll see them in Jan and go home. You can find another part time job, worst comes to worst. What’s that? what is your mind telling you, don’t do it because of such a such reasons? yeah that’s fear… don’t start feeding these thoughts, if you do you’ll find years later it makes all your decisions in life for you.

  7. The only time this happens to me is when my data is low (gone past the bandwidth amount given) or if I’m on a weak wifi connection. I’m guessing it’s the internet.

  8. Your an OG. Respect for all this info. I always look out for your insightful posts. Every bit helps!!!

  9. Once you can immediately start in SF144 and have a healthy amount of legion and link skills you can take a new character from 1-175 in two weeks! I’ve been doing that for a while now with every release

  10. Omg two weeks!!?? How Sway? Weapon: mythic? (I’ve been cheapening out and trying to survive with legendary lol) armour: unique-mythic? (All mines have been unique) Accessories: boss set? (Sometimes I think still takes more then two weeks right to get all 7) Extra Exp Accessories: two mulong pendants, two kerning rings, legends, cooking with ty exp buffs, Daily and Weekly exp, Dimensions for tickets and exp buffs. Daily dungeon exp jewels (may take more the two weeks to get SS?)

  11. I use a lvl 30 mythic weapon (whatever fuses) and max unique armors (evade stat). Everything else sounds about right, I have a “set” group that always includes a bishop and 170+ party members so that’s probably what helps a lot. Two weeks also includes the new character event rewards so I can claim a bunch of AB on the newest character.

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