1. You can choose a patron or you can decline until you find the one you want. I want to say you pay a zro fee too choose, either that or fill out the psionic tree

  2. Genocide is always an option. Don't even need to mod it in

  3. My tip is to get your aa up to par with your other tanks. I killed a flakpanzer earlier today at 3.7

  4. I remember I had to go in with console commands to add mine. Didn't use any mods at all.

  5. I don't know if there is any, but Slaneesh's one is probably selling like crazy

  6. When's the war thunder man kissing event? I would play the hell out of it

  7. They stopped releasing cosmetics due to player feedback in the first place

  8. There's an event with snakes that burrow out of the ground on a new colony

  9. I can't climb small hills meanwhile this guy needs an altimeter

  10. It doesn't help that after they pulled the unconscious hostages out of the theatre they just left them on the ground and they suffocated since they weren't able to breath properly

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