1. A lot of people painting this as a savvy move by her, but I look at it more as desperation. If she wants to stay in the Senate, she knows she has no chance of winning a Democratic primary.

  2. If I were her, I would run a batshit crazy Q/MAGA campaign in 2024, Kari Lake style, then lose, join the lineup at Fox and Newsmax for a few years, then run as a Republican in 2028.

  3. I am listening to the show now, just heard the 2001 bashing, did a spit take, then came here to see if it was being discussed.

  4. Simpsons only just recently got good. I was watching some older episodes and they stunk, like homers enemy, seriously! I think homer should have been more of a agressive jerk to frank grimes, and at the end insult him and get him fired, sorta like if the ending of flanders falure, would have been must better if homer was outright aggressive and mean to ned, then dident get the redemption at the end. Ned deserved it. Speaking of redemption there is no forgiving how they treat lisa, she needs to be more judgy and snooty. Its really her character to look down on other people, so she should constantly be acting above everyone else because she is smart. And bart needs to be mean to marge and yell at her that would be funny. If i had to list my favorite episodes it would be

  5. Wow. If I knew who you were IRL I would be petitioning the courts to place you under an involuntary psychiatric hold, for observation. And possibly execution.

  6. Yeah, if Libertarians wanted to remove any lingering doubt that they are the absolute dumbest people on the planet, this tweet should do it.

  7. You'd think Manhattan was a small town with how many times they bump into people

  8. Oddly, in my time in Manhattan, that did happen a lot. And not just in the neighborhood, like, I would run into a friend from the Upper West Side in Chinatown, stuff like that.

  9. The U-6 for November was 6.7% not 6.5% and much higher than the cited U-3 of 3.7%…Which is the bullshit political figure.

  10. Lying is demonic. That’s the main reason I do it. Also I was drawing from a

  11. You can’t trust the BLS, they’re part of the deep state /s

  12. True. They also get a big assist from the globalists. I know a George Soros funded BLS data chart when I see one. /s

  13. The anger should be shared because there really is a large common ground, but culture wars, false division etc to distract from the shared issue and prevent meaningful change

  14. Interesting. I see absolutely zero common ground between myself and anyone affiliated with the modern Republican Party.

  15. If you haven’t gotten into them, I recommend you watch all of their KEXP performances in order, then their videos, then start listening to their records. Probably the greatest rock band since Ween.

  16. This is where I first learned that Springfield was large enough to have a Greek Town.

  17. The initial reports were that Wisteria/Unrecorded Night was going to be an 18 hour miniseries with close to a 100 million dollar budget, produced and distributed by Netflix, who specialize in exactly this kind of project.

  18. Regarding the last bit about, “if we all have an education then none of us do in order to get a leg up on the competition” ignores the huge fact that an educated, well-informed, critical thinking population is a wonderful goal and outcome.

  19. Yeah, he is basically stating his imagined need for a caste system, serving the soul purpose of allowing people like him to live in exclusive luxury.

  20. They love him because he’s a black guy confirming their biases.

  21. People like Sowell and Candace Owens largely serve the purpose of providing white supremacists with plausible deniability.

  22. I’ve never met him, but he seems like an exceptional human being. Very funny, and extremely intelligent, with a strong baseline sense of ethics and decency.

  23. The reality of the wild is that animals rarely attack humans out of aggression. Its either because we are in their turf or they are desperate for food. The only exception would be grizzly bears and moose, but my uncle keith said it best.

  24. Yup, I go hiking on deep woods trails during the summer and there are a lot of bears plus some coyotes and mountain lions. A guy was actually eaten by a black bear in my town a few years ago. It's literally stupid to not at least learn about guns to protect yourself. I've never had to use it, but the guy who taught me about hiking in the wilderness said to bring whatever hand gun you're most accurate with. He told me that people will say to bring a 44 minimum for bears, but what if you miss because you can't hit a target accurately with a 44? So I chose my 357 instead of looking for something bigger.

  25. We should point out that SHE wouldn't do it because she disapproved of psychiatry. It's not that they didn't invite her.

  26. That’s like the Jehovah’s Witness kid who can’t go to your birthday party or accept the cake you brought to school. Just fucking depressing.

  27. You don't believe another way would work so you're too afraid to try, while advocating for your oppressors on the post of someone (OP) that seems more ready than you to break their chains. Nothing about this society is compassionate to people without power and influence. Idc if anyone else agrees with me, I can see for myself what works and what doesn't and I am not telling people to hold out and keep working with in a system that is destroying them. If you can't wrap your head around that then it's probably due to a lifetime of indoctrination and propaganda more than my communication style.

  28. You are stating a series of basic observations about the problems of the world, while refusing to offer any detail as to how to fix anything, or how an alternate society or way of living within the existing one would work.

  29. There are solutions to all the problems when you're brave enough to look for them and aware enough to realize the answers you've been given are an illusion to keep you under someone else's control. Get off the internet and into the world. Humans did it for centuries longer than the modern society has existed and the Earth provides all that we need to thrive if we are able to choose something different than everything we know. There are mutual aid networks in place and places that could use them still. It's an option for those who chose but an obligation for none. If you're not ready, that's fine too.

  30. I think it was actually like 1.1 scaramuccis

  31. If it’s less than a Gorka’s dozen then you really should leave it off your resume.

  32. One solution is to throw an Entenmann's or Hostess pie in the air fryer for a few minutes.

  33. Many middle managers can only really justify their paycheck if they have subordinates in the office to micromanage. If it becomes obvious that staff can do their jobs without that micromanagement then many middle managers are out of a job.

  34. The last call center I worked at, we weren’t even really allowed to speak directly with anyone. It was all via Skype. If you had a question for the team lead sitting in the next row, you used Skype.

  35. Tried to report it to Twitter (yes, I know it's probably useless) and you can't report a violent threat against a political group. This is where my report stopped:

  36. Everything listed there except maybe age applies just fine to her call to violence.

  37. I don’t think that the “patriot front” would be very accepting of her… regardless of her “affiliations”.

  38. Every Aunt Thomasina and Uncle T they can bring aboard their platform provides more and more plausible deniability, to the point of just strait up gaslighting, which is remarkably helpful to their cause.

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