Cat Calls: Casual vs Hijab

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  1. A lot of people would hate Qatar regardless of if they hosted it or not. Qatar shouldn't bother with outsiders trying to impose their values on it.

  2. mfs be rating their essays 10/10 like bro wtf, since when where you the admission officer???

  3. Literally nobody gives a shit if you go to a safety. One of my friends is crazy smart and he chose to go to a "safety" because of the cost.

  4. Yea, that's what it was like for me as well. I keep hearing all these crazy horror stories of people having mental breakdowns before submitting their college apps but I just do what I can, submit, and go with whatever decision I get lol.

  5. I remember seeing a post recently where someone proposed the idea of having the average grade of the class be present on your transcript somewhere so that AOs have a better understanding of what your grade truly means. I don’t see why that’s not a good idea 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. This is especially true with the English teachers at my school. One English teacher in particular is a very, very strict grader, while another one gives out As like it's nothing. I got stuck with the strict grader for a few years and was pretty annoyed seeing my friends with the other teacher getting As without any effort while I was working my ass off.

  7. What exactly is a "liberal muslim" or a "conservative muslim?" The terms hold no value anymore. It seems like anytime someone disagrees with someone else's opinion they just label that person as "liberal" or "conservative."

  8. Personally i see liberal Muslims as those who water down Islam to appeal to western ideology. I’ve never used that term prior to coming on here. But I didnt know what else to call them so…

  9. "Water down" is again very subjective. There's a ton of disagreements about what is "watering down" and what isn't.

  10. Not sure whether or not it's grammatically correct, but it's so widely used that it shouldn't be an issue.

  11. Wait there’s anti-Islamic subreddits…..

  12. The USA (and also Switzerland) are one of the rare cases among Western countries which still have a considerable percent of citizens who are conservative (who share many values with Muslim people).

  13. Being racist has nothing to do with being conservative. I know some might be racist but that's just racist people who take conservatism as a way to express their hatred towards people of other races even if there's nothing racist about being a conservative.

  14. Yes yes of course, I agree racism is not anything to do with conservatism but unfortunately the two sometimes overlap.

  15. Mind your own business and atop badmouthing your classmates on a public place like Reddit. You too definitely need some self introspection. By the way, you forgot to blur out her name in the first sentence of that acreenshot.

  16. Just some improvement on finishing and I think we can get so many more goals from here on out.

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