1. Are people with gender dysphoria actually the opposite sex?

  2. No. Their gender is opposite from their sex. Sex is physical while gender is mental. When the two are different, they conflict on a persons brain, which so what causes gender dysphoria.

  3. Trans people acknowledge they will never be the opposite sex. Gender and sex are different. Sometimes, a persons gender is different from their sex. That’s just how some peoples brains work

  4. Watching the conflict in Ukraine has really shown that owning a fuckton of guns these days isn't even all the helpful. Any jackass can hook an ied to a civilian quad drone and suddenly your guns don't mean jack shit.

  5. The ability for politicians to invest/hold stock in any way during their time serving.

  6. We as Americans acknowledge that every man women or whatever else you identify as have the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in our Declaration of Independence(with man being used as an all encompassing term in this case) Lack of access to health care infringes on 2 out of 3 of these rights we acknowledge as fundamental. (Life is obvious. Pursuit of happiness and liberty because your life being cut short means you can’t pursue happiness)

  7. Yeah. Once they eventually do fix the bugs, and maybe improve the graphics, this would be the best modern pokemon game. Its so different and I hope its used as a template for future games

  8. I heard that game was entirely overrun with hackers to the point where most games are unplayable. His true is that. I loved that game so much

  9. Probably someone with a time stop ability like Jotaro. We already have an example of this within jojo, with diavolo, who was virtually unbeatable as he could predict the future and adapt. He was only beat because Giorno had to develop a new power that directly countered epitaph.

  10. The movement. It’s so good. So much going on, yet it’s all so fluid.

  11. I am making a video game actually(indie project. Early in development. Solo project) I will add this to my game

  12. That time the turkeys went back in time to get turkey of the menu, and then got mutated by cosmic radiation

  13. A cool gimmick for him is when he gets a kill, a spine item spawns where he last hit the enemy that raiden can collect to recover some health.

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