1. Haha yeah we still sleep separately at my parents house, even though we have lived together for 5 years and own a home. Maybe that’s why my mom didn’t think the wedding night was too big of a deal.

  2. I feel this so hard 🙃 My FH and I live together (even though my fiancé, being the wonderfully shameless man that he is has made multiple allusions to our sex life in front of his mother) yet she still will not “let” us sleep in the same bed when we stay at their house. Bonkers. 😂

  3. Classic first(!), then Gamine (a playful and energetic vibe, sparkle in eyes), then Ethereal (elongated, yet rounded-edged lines).

  4. Cooool cool! Interesting to have included gamine; I do opt for playful/quirky looks sometimes. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Soooo as an artist, I would totally understand if she did leave. I get that the series made her famous, but who’s actually responsible for her fame and success?

  6. Don’t chase a feeling in order to pick your dress! Your brain doesn’t even know what it’s chasing, for God’s sake. I also was self conscious at first, but I loved my dress. I loved it, felt great in it, but most important, I felt like me in it. And so I picked it!:D

  7. I think that the style itself is beautiful! However, and I’m not sure if this is just the photo, the material reads as thin and low-quality, to be blunt. Again, I think the style is beautiful on you! I’d just be weary of the material.

  8. Just thought of it now. Why didn’t you include Kate?? (Joey’s love interest for 3 episodes in S3)

  9. I probably should have learned my lesson about posting a dress I love on Reddit, but I’m terribly indecisive! I thought I had finally decided on a dress, but some family members made me self conscious. They weren’t mean at all or shaming about modesty, but more comments along the lines of “that’s going to be the first thing people notice/their eye is drawn to.”

  10. If you were going to pick this dress before hearing what your family had to say, I think you should pick it! As I mentioned in my other comment; this is the dress that I ended up picking and I was the only one out of anyone who saw it who loved it. I know from experience how easy it is to forget this, but the dress has to make you happy first and foremost! If you didn’t worry about your chest before anyone said anything, I think that says a lot in itself. Best of luck to you!

  11. I meannn, I’m biased because this is my dress, but I’m also not a chesty gal! I think they look beautiful along with the rest of you, but it’s all about your comfort level.

  12. I caaaannot be the only person here that fucking cannot stand Judy. Literally, her only redeeming quality is that she’s Jack Gellar’s wife. Skin tag of a human imo.

  13. I love how unique these all are! What’s your venue like? In terms of fit, I think they all look beautiful on you! While I agree that #5 is super cool (we love dragon scales), I feel like it consumes the beautiful silhouette of your figure, and swallows you up a bit? Just my two cents!:)

  14. Have you considered pure D at all? I’m not really seeing Kibbe width for FN but it doesn’t look like you need upper curve accommodation either. Your chest doesn’t seem to break the line of your torso in the way that it would in an SD. You’re pear shaped and conventionally curvy but I’m not seeing Kibbe curve.

  15. I’ve had the occasional D suggestion, but I find it hard to look into since I’m also curvy. Does anyone come to mind that I can look at as an example of a curvy D?

  16. Olivia Culpo and Cate Blanchett are both verified dramatics and are conventionally curvy! Whitney Houston is also reddit-typed as D.

  17. Wow…I just came here to say that you look RADIANT in that red dress!

  18. I’m shocked that no one has mentioned “WHOOPA!!” yet. And Joey’s outburst of “…you can’t do ANYTHING!!!”. Gets me every time!

  19. I mean, diversity and representation are wonderful to see in a series, and it retrospectively would’ve been great to have some POC characters in the main cast. Having said this, you also have to consider the time that this was made in. Diversity incentives/efforts and just political correctness in general weren’t anywhere near as rampant as it is now. So, with era and societal climate in mind, I think the show actually did a decent job sprinkling in some representation along the way! Again, could it have been more? Of course! But you can’t use today’s ideals to judge a show from the 90’s.

  20. What you've described is tokenism. Non-white people could have been included without the need for "diversity incentives/efforts" and political correctness, considering how many celebrities/actors/potential special guests there were at the time. Non-white people didn't suddenly start existing when political correctness did. This show was based in New York City in the 90s, the fact that there are about 4 non-white people on the show is purposeful.

  21. Yep, you’re correct. However, the point I was trying to make was that people (both in general but especially in high places) didn’t really give a shit about representation like they do now, not only due to full blown discrimination, but also due to lack of general awareness and exposure. As an Italian-Portuguese person who grew up surrounded by mostly Italians, it took me going to high school out of my city and befriending POC to actually understand and gain awareness of many issues that exist regarding racism and bigotry. So, a lot of the time, it just comes down to being ignorant, which I would say at least 90% of white society was in the 1990’s.

  22. I think it's important to remember that essences and faces are huge factors in celebrity verifications--so the verified celebrities are chosen by DK because they are Diva Chic as much (if not more) than they're chosen for their bodies. (Of course they fit the general physical parameters but as everyone who has Googled the heights of verified Classics knows--DK isn't exactly examining bikini pics lol.)

  23. Ah sure, good point! Not gonna lie, it makes my head spin a bit because there’s so much emphasis placed on body proportions sooo…it’s a bit dizzying to merge it with essence hahaha. Thank you though; great answer!

  24. It's see through and looks like a nightgown. I think there would be nicer choices that would look better. Unless your future husband is also wearing nightwear for the shoot; then this is good.

  25. you can ware what you want. we ended up in leather jackets and some nice people let us use their Harley Davison bikes for the pics. bring a verity of clothing options. around 3 outfits? for both of you.

  26. How cool is that! Your photos must have turned out amazing!

  27. You look so beautiful, and I mean that. You look like any other human being that owns a body and a belly button, I promise! ❤️

  28. That’s amaaaaazing! Hey there, bridal sister! We have great taste, eh?🤣

  29. Minimalist! Definitely! Either a clean up do, or soft curls. Dainty jewelry. I would do natural makeup. If you want something bold, a classic red lip, or just a natural looking lip.

  30. Thank youuu! I’m definitely leaning toward soft curls :’)

  31. I ended up picking my dress based off of exactly that; I felt the most ~me~ in it. Honestly, the third dress is super neat and unique, and that gives it a wow factor in itself! It can be styled to be even more interesting, especially since it’s a clean minimalistic silhouette. You pretty much get to make it however you want!

  32. Borrow a door from the house so you can physically walk through the door of your childhood home the morning of the wedding. Ideally not the front door unless they have two, maybe your bedroom door?

  33. LOLLL! Love the creativity! Probably not gonna do this (I can’t see it being something my mom finds worth the time lol) but thank you still!

  34. Yes! That sounds so cute! Then you could get the two pictures framed side-by-side for your mother.

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