🔥 The Chirodectes (an incredibly rare genus of box jellyfish) seen just twice, this is the only known footage to exist. 1st post more details.

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  1. I do believe he is merely taking the p1ss GothGirl.

  2. Twas. Forgot I needed to specify I was being sarcastic immediately after my sarcastic comment for it to be accepted as sarcasm lol

  3. I'm Irish mate we're pretty much sarcasm central here lol!

  4. Some of President Zelensky's words tonight: 'In Donetsk region – Bakhmut, Soledar – now, as before, it's the hottest, most painful. We do everything to help our boys there. Everyone there deserves the highest gratitude!'

  5. The short transcript of what accompanied this video:

  6. President Zelensky tonight said 'Ukraine will never stop halfway again' nor should they.

  7. I know it's a funny headline but a fellow Irishman allegedly forced to go to an ATM to withdraw money - that's definitely not something that can be tolerated at a busy tourist area.

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