1. To be fair, in this day and age that shouldn't be a word to get banned for.

  2. I've seen this beforea long while ago, preferably don't repost others work

  3. Says the man running an lmg, madly annoyed with those lmg thermal campers in Nuketown.

  4. I just finished this sniper's camos for zombies (also leveled up in multiplayer). And yes I quite hate it a lot tbh...

  5. It depends on how anal you are. With the monitor with a row of dead pixels? Yeah that’s defective but for a single dead pixel most people won’t return/notice that

  6. Hey, I mean I got a perfectly good monitor on my first try. It's just luck, he'll find the perfect one.

  7. Actually shouldn't say that, my first one had to be returned but the second one was perfect.

  8. Seen as this simple sentence seems like more of a mad type after getting banned, I'm going to assume you probably did something. If you instead said you got banned and stated why it was faulty and asked for help that's different, right now your looking for support or others to agree that this is stupid.

  9. Well the monitor does come with a stand itself, for starters. Honestly it should be simple enough to see what size (typically 100 mm) stand/arm can be attached. After that most of the arms available should be able to hold it. Of course, maybe avoid the cheap ones because they are made with minimal quality. Also search in the bar on the arms something like 34 or weight limit and find out what others have done already.

  10. I'd take it down too ngl, why would we want more rants? Maybe a more civil- centered view on the topic would be acceptable

  11. Yea of course, it's just gonna impede your viewing anyway. Also ngl the odyssey g5 is kinda a waste of money, no offense to your choice though.

  12. Just for the price especially there are a lot of monitors that would be better. It's a pretty mediocre monitor, if you have a budget I would be happy to suggest a few. If it's the ultra wide version then yea that's probably a good option for that size, but 32 and 27 there are better ones I've seen. Of course this is mostly opinion maybe the monitor has specific qualities your looking for

  13. I'm not clicking that link, bribe me, kidnap me, no matter what I am never clicking that link.

  14. Yes you should , i suppose it's under warranty so they will either swap it with a new one or repair it. There is absolutely no reason to keep it.

  15. Agree, also in the future don't just say 1440p 32 in monitor. There are hundreds of those and you will have much trouble getting help if people don't know your specific monitor. In this case, it is universal but in the future say the entire name.

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