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  1. He doesn't know 10 pounds is 5 kilograms is 5 litres of volume for a human, as humans have approximately the same density as water

  2. Are you replying to the wrong comment? or are you a bot copying comments and pasting them somewhere random?

  3. We removed ironskin potions because they contain lead and are toxic to terrarians

  4. You could have won 1 attack sooner! Your 2nd hit on the 2nd last ghoul could have gone face for lethal

  5. I don't think unite cares about Pokemons main series stats or else the next new attacker would've been a speedster

  6. I like how they mention "galaxies". While I don't expect a certain mother of Lumas to show up I'd love a post credits scene (if a sequel gets a green light).

  7. Mine once told me about how I managed to cut my hand open trying to open a coke bottle, and the company invited us to the factory as compensation, but my parents declined because I was like 2 at the time, and my brother was 1.

  8. Yea, ppl really fool themselves and others by spreading this misinformation. Corviknight is not brown. Pre-evos of Tinkaton mentions how it makes hamners from bisharp-evoline.

  9. Just make it 1 mana, “Spend all of your remaining mana, summon a random demon of the same cost.”

  10. no because that would be 1 mana less value for every single cost.

  11. EXACTLY. Most people who actually have the brains to realise how op bloodbending without the full moon will vote for amon, while the rest vote for Katara

  12. Not just without the full moon and daytime, it was while he was cuffed.

  13. Congrats! This post is now the top post of ALL TIME on this sub!

  14. So it's basically start of the game: lose the game? Bro what the fuck? This would probably be bad even if u could pick from all 30(40) cards and not just discover a card

  15. Stalwart shell, quick focus, deep focus, grubsong, spore shroom

  16. Cariel Roame is actually a Hearthstone original, but they added a few Hearthstone original characters to WoW this expansion. I know about Guff, Cariel, and Rafaam, but I don't know about any others.

  17. The music reminds me of sword art online for some reasons

  18. Yes, purchase fire mint. I don't remember mints being used for anything except buying and upgrading mints. Also it's 1 month per mint so it's easy enough to get 100 mints to buy each as they come.

  19. I've been corrected. No, the heaviest side will not trend downward.

  20. No because both heavy and light sides have the same acceleration due to gravity.

  21. 😂 Cowardly Wheatley. Trying to persuade you to off yourself because he’s too afraid of having to fight you and get his ass kicked in the process.

  22. The funny thing (well, one of the many) is if he succeeds you get an achievement

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