1. If no one orders pizza then the delivery drivers are at work making very little money, so I don’t see why placing an order would be a dick move. Sure tipping extra well may be a nice gesture, but any tip in line with what you always normally give would still be appreciated by the folks delivering any type of order. Otherwise, they have a pretty low paying wasted day at work.

  2. It’s a shame how much the quality has dropped off with HCT since they sold out. It’ll never be the same as it was out of the OG window in OTE. Glad I got to experience that.

  3. The window and OTE was the only real HCT. It’s been going downhill ever since it expanded. The north market location was ok at the very beginning when Joe was still there and they were only open a few days a week. Once that space went full time, it’s been all downhill from there. Their marketing and social presence since the sale is also a sad sight. Gimmicks and sales from a clueless, out of touch, mainstream creative team.

  4. As someone who has worked in the industry. Any man at meat counter over 40 or local shop will do it for you. You also won’t get ground brisket. You’ll get the regular ground beef. Then say it’s amazing.

  5. I mean that’s pretty bad. I’d just replace the whole car at this point. People can see that and laugh at you from at least 100 meters away. Chalk it up as a lesson learned.

  6. jisa says:

    Absolutely yes, but buy your tickets now--tickets are selling out fast.

  7. Banana boxes from any grocery retailer. Paper ream boxes from any office or office supply store. Larger boxes and bubble wrap, buy from Home Depot/lowes.

  8. It’s not flat but it’s pretty ugly, especially in the summer. If you travel at all, Ohio is ugly. Brown, off colored greens, and over grown vegetation mixed with defaced rock and trees, dirty lake and pond water. That’s Ohio.

  9. I know people hate on Thursday boots and shoes a bit. But they are the best value I have found. Allen Edmonds and Thursday are all I go with these days. $100 does not get you anything quality on the dress or boot shoe category these days, or even the past 5-10 years.

  10. Unlikely to happen, but you would need written documentation of this dealer stating the original dealer did not perform work as stated in work orders/contracts to hold anyone accountable later. Words are no good at all unless written and signed.

  11. They did and they contacted Volkswagen cares for me because they were confused and upset why it said they were changed and they were not because they saw all the work orders I’ve brought it to my other dealership for - for shifting issues.

  12. At that point, it’s just conversations with VW on what they are willing to do. You can push the issue depending on what you would like the resolution to be. Stay friendly and work with VW as it’s the dealer staff your issue is with in the end. It’s unlikely an issue would arise until later in the cars life and past original warranty which is unfortunate. I would let VW give you options they may have and go from there.

  13. Seems right. Our new VW purchased in the US states oil changes are every 1 year or 10,000 miles. I don’t drive my cars hard but I’d say for the past 10 years I’ve never changed oil more frequently in any vehicle more than every 7,500 miles / 1 year and have had 0 issues with high quality oil.

  14. Manufacturing millions of copies of any item results in some that don’t perform 100%. I bet you will be ok. Consider it a life lesson that is bound to disappoint you time and time again. Also get it fixed with the warranty, that’s the point.

  15. Paying people in “exposure” is a great reason to never visit a company, and for them to get a terrible photoshoot and content. All at the same time. Well deserved as well.

  16. I wonder if that same judge is the one who gave a 30-27 against Kim, weird night. Dumb question but is it the same judges for all the fights on the cards?

  17. It is different for each fight. Or at least there are more than 3 judges per event that rotate. Not positive how they are assigned or grouped.

  18. I would start by replacing the battery. Many a mechanic has told me a random issue wasn’t a battery because they tested it. Many a time changing the battery fixed the random issue anyway. Also it’s usually the cheapest thing to just replace and rule out.

  19. Just purchased a new Vehicle from Germain. They were great. Went without a plan. In an out with trade in and new car at msrp in 2 hours. Bad time to buy used, good time to trade in and buy new.

  20. Just bought a new Tiguan 3 days ago for msrp. Not a cent more. Don’t pay over msrp. Also, yes other dealers in our are are selling everything over msrp. Or at least trying.

  21. Better to be uninsured if healthy. Our healthy family insurance plan comes out to roughly $1,600 per month for medical coverage only.

  22. Purchase a cleaning kit/swabs. You need to have a sensor cleaning kit at hand anyway. It’s a very simple process. Not nearly as scary as it seems. You will also be glad to learn now as some form of dust/dirt will show up quite often with mirrorless bodies. I clean my sensors on each body fairly often, especially before larger shoots.

  23. Look at the address, type it in, know what food you are getting. Expect the worst, kitchen employees are even more excited to be working on their regular orders and 2-3 ghost kitchens orders at a time.

  24. Another vote for Mad Hatter. Always the best price and work, they never charge for unnecessary items or processes in my experience.

  25. Our closest World Market carries an entire wall of regular and sugar free Torani syrups. On sale quite often as well. Usually has been the best option.

  26. When people take out every package in a bacon set to find the “less fatty” pieces then leave 100 various packages of bacon piled in the well and spilling onto the floor. Glad they got their single package though.

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