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  1. It’s not great anymore, but now that I’ve left the company, my healthy family premium alone is $1,600 per month without even going to any type of doctor for a visit. I blame Whole Foods much less than our terrible American healthcare system and insurance scam.

  2. I treat mine rough and it’s been going strong for years. Luck if the draw I guess.

  3. I would go used a7iii and use the rest on the best glass you can. Quality over quantity.

  4. Much is made about booking dining so early. We have done this in the past. Don’t worry too much if you don’t get reservations right away.

  5. Used your 10 minute tip just now for a Cinderellas Royal Table on Memorial Day. Got beat on the initial click. Assumed people see the price and bail. Checked 10 minutes later and got the exact reservation. Thanks for the post.

  6. Why are people obsessed with taking pictures of expensive things? It’s always been a strange concept. Sure helps the capitalism system keep people locked in though.

  7. Oh weird Fox News is reporting negatively about Disney during the DeSantis debacle. Using people who did not do a “budget” Disney vacation to point out the woes of the peasants below them in the “middle class”. What a joke article. What a surprise. Never saw it coming.

  8. Not nice people, went once years ago, never again. Not A friendly vibe at all. Sure the “regulars” are treated well, They won’t keep you in business forever if others don’t come back. Let’s just be over the sob stories of businesses closing. Good businesses are thriving still, look yourself in the mirror instead of blaming literally everything else in the world for your business closing.

  9. These comments are wild. No one wants to be hassled at a dui checkpoint including people on their way home from work and such.

  10. My experience is that Disney changes the park reservation availability daily. They close and reopen availability a lot from what I watched. It’s not a system for capacity, it’s a system to keep attendance as even as possible/up to par with staffing in those parks. There is a good chance of you keep checking back, you will get the parks you need.

  11. Might as well try. My first time I left, I have a months notice, worked it all out, left on “good” terms.

  12. As a hobby, shoot and crop however you want. For clients, find out what their need is. Instagram is the main source of my clients needs. So in my case mobile is king. Most of my work is for larger clients and cities who realize their social channels are important and have the budget to support that. Instagram isn’t killing working photography, it’s actually a very profitable side of the business at this point. Now if your just looking to share your work and/or feel better by seeing people “like” your photos as a hobbyist, you might be disappointed.

  13. Short story: i got strange texts in the middle of the night for about a week, from a girl I hadn’t seen since high school. Crazy things like we were dating…… but we weren’t and hadn’t been in touch at all. I was then confronted, about a month later, in a grocery parking lot by a guy dating said girl I hadn’t seen in 8 or so years. I had never never met this man. She got caught cheating, and used my name as the guy. Her man tracked me down, I calmly explained I hadn’t seen her in 8 years and she may also be lying about the name if she’s cheating. Eventually he nicely told me “thanks for explaining it like that, I was going to kill you man, I’m sorry”

  14. NHL hockey is only on regular ESPN during the playoffs.

  15. This. Have to subscribe to something else for the playoffs. Sling, YouTube tv, etc. They are shown on espn, Tbs, and TNT.

  16. As a member of leadership, I had this happen more than 10x and on one occasion a regular tell me he was driving to Texas to talk to corporate himself about me. On all occasions, never heard a word about it other than if they complained initially.

  17. As someone who stepped down on 2 separate stints with the company, it’s up you your store leadership team. If they want to block it the will. If they don’t want to, it’s an easy process. Even if you were tight with store leadership up until now, you like won’t be when you inform them of stepping down. Feelings switch fast at Wfm.

  18. Maybe if Apple decides to unload them. They may find they have a surplus after launching the Mac Studio. I’m sure Mac mini sales have diminished at least a bit.

  19. Packaging has been very hard to get. I’ve had brands I work with that have had to wait 8-12 months on custom bags and such. Restaurants/Stores can never get the proper plastic/paper bags even not customized right now. They are constantly going with whatever container is available. And often spending more, not less vs previous containers.

  20. Those peak design quick connects are the reason I hate their straps. They are really annoying hanging off the side of the camera to me, with or without the strap attached. My peak design straps collect dust. Black rapid still gets use rarely hit is much better to me than Peak Design. But really I never have use for a strap. If I’m hiking I use a Peak Design Capture clip, if I’m working I simply don’t use any strap at all. If I’m just having fun, I take a small body/lens combo that simply fits in a pocket. I know I’m in the minority but trying all the “best” straps just made me dislike straps almost entirely.

  21. People shit on it now because it is a far cry from what it was in the beginning. Joe had something special when he was cooking and serving chicken out of a window in Old Town. Once they opened the 3rd location and beyond, It’s been downhill. There is no consistency. The quality is no longer there like it was. If you never had it back in it’s beginnings, then sure, it’s fine now. But it used to be amazing.

  22. I always read these, and have tried their layer cake 3 times, it did next to nothing for me. Disappointing

  23. Not bragging, pointing out the negatives of America. Coming from a household freelancing and earning $200k. With children, it’s no where near an amazing sum of money to live on. Between taxes, good childcare so you can work properly, and healthy family medical premiums for the privilege to have terrible American health insurance. $200k just feels like the new “middle class” for a family in any decent sized US city.

  24. Lifelong thrill ride human here. Rode it and was nauseous for about 10 minutes after. It is worth the experience though, at least once. If your fine great, if your not, take it easy for a few minutes after.

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