1. Imagine what the team could have done with a real coach

  2. Transmute this for every character you have. I made all my with the swift trait. Everyone is fast as fuck.

  3. I use beekeepers and the one set that makes red balls float around me. Forget what it is off hand.

  4. There are a lot of teams that you can say are the best in history. I'm going with the 02 Wings. 9 guys from that squad made the nhl 100 anniversary team. It was insane.

  5. We had the HOF power play unit. Including goalie :)

  6. Some team should have signed them all at the same time.

  7. Before this year. Yes he was trash. This year he is playing golf enough to win the Super Bowl on a team with a decent defense and weapons

  8. You know he went to a SB and 2 Championship games and finished 3rd in MVP voting once, right?

  9. You know he got traded because he was trash. They gave up 2 first to take our trash he was so bad

  10. Step dad that watches soccer is English. So England.

  11. I wouldn't call this a death sentence for our playoff hopes simply because both teams schedules are brutal moving forward. Non zero chance both teams finish the season with 9 wins. Say the Giants beat Washington the second time around and then beat the Colts, but get swept by the Eagles and lose to the Vikings. That's 9 wins for the Giants.

  12. You can watch us lose in the gold cup and maybe not qualify for 2026 somehow someway :)

  13. We host in 2026, we're already qualified.

  14. Yes of course. My wife and I get window seats in different rows. I love you. See you in a bit.


  16. A brief inquiry into Online Relationships

  17. I did something similar with my Rockies OOTP save

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