1. That's not a passive camera. It follows him and zooms in.

  2. Incorrect, it's been zoomed post-edit. Look at pixelation on zoom and jump cut at 11 seconds.

  3. He banned an organization that is literally taking orders from Putin.

  4. I hate this as much as you do but it isn’t the third leading cause of death in Canada

  5. Should be the last thing when nothing else works. I feel like this will be pushed

  6. So many places in each state. Like what city specifically should I avoid? Asking for a friend.

  7. The funny thing about this is that nothing can travel faster than light in space. But space itself can. Another funny thing about speed of light is that photons don't experience time at all. For them the moment of emission is the moment of absorbtion. That's them who can truly say they don't have time for anything and yet for us they can travel for billions of years.

  8. You are incorrect. Space doesn't expand faster than the speed of light. What happens is that space expands everywhere simultaneously, constantly. All the way down to the Planck scale. Incorrect for emission and absorption too, a better way of phrasing the concept is to say that no reference frame exists for a massless particle moving at C. It's not the speed of light, it's the speed of causality and all massless particles are capped at the speed.


  10. I was wondering why this deranged comment was upvoted and then I realized I'm in the deranged sub

  11. That is not an original drawing and isnt representative of the originals. They thought we were on the back of a giant turtle

  12. It is an original drawing. Probably by OP, or some other 9 year old.

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