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  1. Did y’all read about the taxes? There are no taxes that are directly collecting from any households earning less than $400,000 a year. Some economists have claimed that imposing a corporate tax floor of 15%, which is also included in the bill, would cause companies to reduce benefits for employees, or not raise their paycheck by as much as if there were no floor.


  3. I pay 200 a month for health insurance and I also have to foot the first 1,500 dollars of a major bill pefore the insurance kicks in. I don't think tax rates would ever hit the point where they would be more expensive than my insurance already is. That is on top of the taxes I already pay that go towards an overinflated military as well as foreign aid to Israel and now Ukraine.

  4. Base income tax rate for many European countries is 50%+, up to 57%. That's just base income tax, and unlike America there are not exceptions in most countries... everybody pays. Then add sales, VAT, property, fuel, etc: up to 81% of the paycheck stolen.

  5. Jesus, where is the whole page. There isn’t enough info in the screen shot to fully understand what is said in it.

  6. You're not supposed to eat the salad, you're just supposed to laugh at it, like a pretty woman in a stock photo.

  7. Between federal, state, and local, sales, property, food, utilities, gasoline, etc, my tax rate in the US is astronomical- pretty sure i get about 35-40% of my income when the year is done.

  8. Wrong. 13.29 percent is the average income tax rate, and 25.57 percent is the adjusted "all taxes rate" for the average (90th percentile) American.

  9. You are talking past each other. You are talking about federal income taxes, and he is talking about tax burden — which includes state and local, sales taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, basically the real cost of living somewhere. For example, the worst tax burden state is NY, which has a tax burden of over 12%. When you combine federal, state, local taxes with these addition tax burdens it is not difficult to approach a 50% tax burden. So the good news is you are both right, we’re screwed, and none of this even factors in double digit inflation eroding the value of whatever you have left over plus effectively taxing you more at the register when you pay more for the same goods. The Party of Science does not understand math and never will.

  10. There is no T in the word "Skechers"... not since the Mandela Effect kicked in, anyways.

  11. Ffs I keep being dropped in different universes, first the Monopoly man monocle and now this.

  12. Short for fixing to or about to. Southern us dialect. It exists because slavery exists, I assume.

  13. I'm pretty sure black people were saying this long before hip hop

  14. I'm sure you know more than Oxford, I stand corrected. Thanks for the valuable, well-sourced rebuttal.

  15. My partner had a surgery 6 weeks ago and has been waiting for in home physical therapy for a month. Because the insurance company mistakenly closed out her instance and we had to fight with them to reopen it. And now insurance company is requiring she does monthly check ins to receive continued coverage. Yay capitalism!

  16. Sounds like you had a choice in insurance providers. Perhaps pick wiser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  17. You know insurance is tied to your employer right? And before you say “pick a better job” because you’ve got 0 real world experience or you’re just one of those asshats who intentionally make non arguments for the sake of human interaction I’ll pass. The American healthcare system is objectively horrible it’s a well known fact. But individuals like yourself would rather imagine it’s not.

  18. Insurance is not tied to your employer. Nobody forces you to accept the offer an employer makes. You can always buy private.

  19. The smallpox vaccine that they’ve openly stated hasn’t been studied on monkeypox?

  20. It has been studied. We are already at "breakthrough" cases, it doesn't work:

  21. I dunno. I don't think being a leftist, an idiot, and a Putin hater are all mutually exclusive.

  22. True that not all idiots are leftists, and not all Putin haters are leftists, but to be a leftist means to be fundamentally an idiot who disregards history, basic economics, basic science, etc.

  23. No, her crime was committed in Russia. Biden has no authority over other countries legal system.

  24. I think the last person to PUBLICLY suggest ending the FED was JFK, right before a parade in Texas. Think Bannon has a parade coming up?

  25. Bernie called for an end to the fed... it's why he had so much support, until the DNC email leaks.

  26. For those of you who are not reading the article and confusing others, let's clear up what VF is showing us here:

  27. I'm still -98% lost and that's 100% gain if you only look at this week

  28. I lost 70% this year, but gained 30% before losing 17% over the last month. So I'm "up" 13% this month. Maths.

  29. $GME $AMC $BB $BBBY $SNDL $TLRY Gangs let's get back to business!

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