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  1. I would suggest maybe healing up and trying again. Bulbapedia also says that self inflicted curse damage and weather damage don’t count so don’t stall out in a hail.

  2. An NYC wise guy pretends to be British so he can trick you into killing the king of the capitalists so he can take over his city of slug juice meth addicts

  3. I love that, inside a "zombie" episode they had time for an extended joke about a random scene in a weird little film. Did the cat in Re-Animator piss off Dan Harmon so much he had to address it?!?

  4. I thought it was supposed to be a reference to Alien when the cat jump scares the crew while they hunt the xenomorph

  5. The toy car with the Scrooge puppet in Polar Express gives me anxiety every time

  6. I think Ted is out since he’s got chuckle sandwich, so my pick would be Jakey. But logically I would say he’d pick Tony.

  7. With Charlie Slimesicle on an indefinite hiatus from Chuckle Sandwich, Eggy could potentially fill that seat

  8. How did Andy sell so much paper?

  9. His job title in Stamford was “director in charge of sales”. It seemed to me that he was supposed to be as good as Jim and Dwight.

  10. Well presumably the people could already talk to each other just fine. You’d want to create a simple written language if the goal was to increase literacy

  11. My father always described rock stars like Richards and Jagger as being pickled

  12. I like how also epic will include 3 of the most downvoted survey skins (including the most downvoted) in the battlepass, bad pass

  13. Where can I see what the skins were voted at? I’d like to see what actually has a chance of showing up in the shop

  14. I might be forgetting, or maybe she has two sisters, but I thought Franky said her sister was dead when Chang calls her out about constantly emailing her despite no responses

  15. Well because it’s not a monotonous crank, we will be lowering your pay because of the added fun /s

  16. PGWG says:

    Yup - because everyone knows rules are set and enforced by employees, not managers and owners 🙄

  17. Kinda sounds like a place with pooled tips, management/owners who are ‘hands-off/low key’, and a head waiter/waitress who is on a power trip and thinks they deserve more just because of seniority and not merit

  18. Reminds me of how the 2005 DOOM movie tries to convince the audience that the BFG is the ‘bio-force gun’

  19. The problem is most people wanna play dps, because for a lot of people that's the most fun if only fun way to play the game. The solution lies in making healers and tanks more fun to play, role queue by itself isn't an issue, just as long as you have open queue for those who want that as well.

  20. The reason I don’t like role queue is because it seemed like it was implemented because the dev team didn’t like that GOATs strat became the new meta. Just let players drive the mega how they want.

  21. I've run into all of those. People waiting in the storm isn't super rare, but a whole squad actually moving further into the storm... why?!?!!

  22. The rational is probably that if you’re running so deep into the storm, you must have good loot you’re trying to stop them from getting so it’s worth using their healing to chase you down

  23. They look like comic versions Yet starfire is wearing the outfit from the show in a fortnite style skin. I think that’s what weird, the others look like comic selves and starfire looks like a fortnite character cosplaying her,but done better than black widow

  24. Starfire is wearing her exact outfit from her 2015 comic series. Just with pink hair instead of orange

  25. I know they said they wouldn’t replace Slime, but I would love to see Eddy fill the 3rd slot on Chuckle Sandwich

  26. glue rat begs your pardon

  27. Glue Rat has to be cosmetic only because a god of his caliber does not stoop to the mortal qualms of monkeys and bloons.

  28. The short explanation is that people use a bot to time travel their switch and check the den to see what is in it and they do this until they find what they’re looking for. This person looked for a shiny, authentic polteageist and then hosted the raid once they found it. It’s a legitimate Pokémon, that you fought and caught fairly. It’s just that someone sped up the process of finding it.

  29. Sinestea and Polteageist live in teapots. 99% of those teapots are knockoffs. An ‘Authentic’ version has a hidden little sticker on the bottom and changes the item needed to evolve. It’s just an extra little piece of rarity.

  30. Super is magic for balancing imo. Imagine if supers could get primary mentoring

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