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  1. I like how he's calling her a witch when he's crazy religious cultist believe God will make everything alright for him and give him everything he wants.

  2. shh they don't like it when we point out they're in the sky daddy cult

  3. I get that, when you put your whole life and soul into something you know isn't real and people poke a hole in it, it can't be fun. But if you are dumb enough to believe in some dude in the sky you have it coming.

  4. I pressed play, saw his and though fuck that, I can't watch this.

  5. That has no impact on her work though. I bet a ton of teachers moonlight as strippers and she was by no means a saint with how she dressed and sending nudes to you boyfriends is in no way anything someone should be fired for. But showing how crazy and the outbursts you can have I'd say reflects badly on the job and might put the kids in danger if she would get mad at any of them.

  6. I just know how the world works, sending nudes to your OS can't get you fired.

  7. If only the game was free so you could make a new account if people got banned... Oh wait, it totally is so this solves nothing xD

  8. Idk, for her that might be nice and looking good, but that dress is in no way nice, the hair doesn't look well made, it looks like a tangled mess of a birds nest.

  9. She has, I think it was yesterday she show in her story on Instagram when she was getting it, it squirted something into her face.

  10. Ocean House Hotel - Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. That’s all I’m going to say because this particular level is one where you just have to play and experience for yourself.

  11. I highly doubt anyone though it would be anything else then shit, and if they actually did, they are dumbfucks.

  12. No one wants to go there which is why it's expensive so they don't have to take other people there.

  13. No matter what she does to her hair it looks like shit. And Fran is 50x hotter.

  14. The Eddie pop is increadibly overrated and it will be widely distributed, people are just stupid and impatien.

  15. Nah, I come back every once in a while until I notice how shallow, literally no depth at all gameplay it has and I get bored. I mainly just battle Rocket to get better shadow pokemon because they're cool. The pvp is just straight trash imo, if I want pvp I'll play a real game.

  16. ofc not, they are probably the biggest money maker. They'll just make some raids non remote raidable. But they are dumb for doing so, just make the game into what people want already.

  17. Not sure why people are hating on the mustache, they are super cool. Especially a Chevron a al Tom Selleck or Nick Offerman.

  18. And he without blinkning pulls out a new hat from a bag.

  19. I wonder if he also is schooled in the fine teaching of Analrapist.

  20. "I love attention". Yes, we have noticed that, you are hated by most of the world's population.

  21. 1000% a publicity stunt, Google who that guy is and he's a pyramid scheme Instagramer

  22. Fuck man, this world needs you. We're all rooting for you and no doubt you'll make it.

  23. Or the scene when she picked him up and they want to fuck in the backseat but can't because they're on tv.

  24. I would think because they are the same room, if you put them next to each other the floor and ceiling will look the same, it's a different dimension, it's not upside down.

  25. ... Its literally called the Upside Down, and when someone enters it they do so upside down...

  26. Because they call it that, I've never heard a native from that world call it that? Might be wrong though.

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