1. The Limitless tcg website has tournament results and deck lists, you’ll see what is good there!

  2. Thanks, I’ll have to look up those lists. The goal is with a combination of horror, barb and cemetery to have enough damage in place to be able to KO relatively consistently with Gengar, but best laid plans and all that…

  3. Sure thing! You’ll find lots of upgrades in the deck lists you find like dimension valley and a better draw/search engine, but lots of other cards have been released since then that you’ll want, such as Mysterious Treasure, Spell Tag, Guzma, Rosa, etc

  4. It still bricked hard and lost 4 out of 5 times so I'm going to redo things this way and test again:

  5. You are going to keep bricking until you fix the trainer engine, again, you need to look at established lists and see which trainers they are playing. You can cut six energy cards, both stadium nav, raihan, and klara for more draw supporters, mysterious treasures, vs seekers. Cursola is really bad; Again, I think you need something more proactive like in Crobat

  6. I think you would want sky field rather than gapejaw here, right? It’s not an obvious upgrade, but it means you don’t have to play choice bands or hawlucha

  7. I think the gladion is important here to retrieve missing Serenas, and the basic count is so low that I don’t think heavy ball would be worth the extra slot in such a tight list. But I like your other ideas!

  8. An updated list, much better! My only certainty is you need the 4th compressor. It’s a dramatic increase in odds of finding the first one over 3+comp search, and your deck does nothing until you find one. It also turns on VS Seeker, giving an effective 50% increase in draw supporters in the deck. You could cut an energy, trainers mail, path, or stretcher to make space.

  9. I was thinking this deck would probably want Zoroark EVS, lets you keep more Poliwhirls on hand to maintain the +90 and evolve into attackers

  10. I bought a build and battle as well as 1 booster box, so I have a ton of commons/rares and various Vs, radiant sneasler, etc. But I definitely get your point. This is just meant for kitchen table play, nothing great. We already have a few other mediocre decks that we play on occasion, so I don't necessarily need to make 2 decks out of the 1 box

  11. If you already opened them and know which cards you have, why not read the cards and make a deck? Especially easy since all the lost zone cards have the wiggly purple smoke. We have no idea what you do or don’t have and all the lost zone pokemon are rare or higher, so it really depends which rares you got

  12. I agree with Gardenia over rillaboom here, I think the deck should aim to attack turn 1 if it has to go second. Lumineon V for Gardenia and Crobat V to refill the hand. 4 Capture Energy is a no-brainer. Cut Boss since your attack already snipes, and you can fill the rest of the slots with more consistency cards, mostly items or more G energy. Eldgeoss and Venusaur can both be cut, with Radiant Greninja potentially being a consideration if you play scoop up nets and more energy. I would also like to see 3-4 cape of toughness.

  13. You count weakness/resistance against the total damage. So 50+50 would be 100 x 2 or 100 - 30, not (50-30)+(50-30). Weakness/resistance is applied last unless otherwise stated.

  14. Field blower, tool scrapper, item lock effects

  15. Thanks. Is there any item or supporter that can move a tool to another Pokémon if yours? If I play a stealthy hood I’d like to move it from frosmoth to wishiwashi so I can at least take advantage of frosmoth’s energy acceleration

  16. Ok I will, I saw the Inteleon Deck as well, how is that?

  17. Ok, so would you say get the Ice rider one?

  18. Yes, paulthedrg is correct! Just need to add some choice belts and scoop up nets.

  19. Most people use Flappes Apple Drop to add the extra using Turffield Stadium and Lillgant Vstar ability.

  20. This sounds decent, you can even refresh the Applin by bouncing Capture Energy with Parallel Spin

  21. Nice writeup and fun theme! Unfortunately from a gameplay perspective, the deck is very much in the “mad man bad plan” category as you put it. Most of the good expanded decks will ohko any of your pokemon by turn 2 while also drawing a ton of cards and attaching extra energy. If you’re interested in seeing what makes a good expanded deck, google “play limitless pokemon”, filter by expanded decks, and check out the lists.

  22. Thanks for the tip! I definitely lack knowledge on my trainer cards. The ones I mentioned are just the ones I know about. Lol. If I can get that part of the game memorized, I think I'd be coming up with even crazier ideas!

  23. Sure thing and welcome to the game! The trainers definitely need to be overhauled, but so do the pokemon to make a winning deck.

  24. Theres not a lot you need to make the Ice Rider deck better. From memory, all you need are some Choice Belts and either Radiant Hawlucha or Radiant Greninja.

  25. Most decks are playing a way to beat decidueye’s ability, so I actually think the Hisuian is your better option. It has extra synergy with Inteleon because of Quick Shooting + Piercing Claw, so that would definitely be my pick. Obstagoon is great against lunarock and regis as you said, but I don’t think we can fit it here because space will already be tight with inteleon.

  26. Awesome event idea and effort! I will concur that toolkits are not the go-to for new-player introduction as you’re sort of throwing new TCG players into the deep end with deck building. I think you’re going to spend a lot of extra time to help them go from a pile of cards to decks, when the event is already likely to take quite a while. My mind initially went to build and battle stadium, since you get 2 customizable playable decks per box in 12 permutations per set as well as packs and dice. Add in a pack of penny sleeves per player and you’re good enough to go, and able to play with the normal rules while still facilitating the trading and deckbuilding you’re after.

  27. @tldr: if you want to play either calyrex vmax or either urshifu vmax, get the corresponding league battle deck; otherwise, buy singles to make the deck(s) you want and extra key cards when convenient

  28. I don’t see a viable win-con here, if your opponent just hits you for 10-70 damage it breaks your sash and you can’t use last chance potion, and manually attaching 4 energy per regirock just to deal 120 damage per turn is extremely slow. I would look into excadrill focus sash decks instead!

  29. All EVS numbered cards can be obtained through EVS packs. However, there /may/ be slight variations of cards that are restricted to other sources, such as unique holo foil patterns on cards from theme decks. There are black star or other promo cards as well, some of which may be alternate arts of EVS numbered cards. You probably don’t care about either of these categories but for the sake of completeness!

  30. Just double checking so I know I'm looking at the right stuff, are they over by one (237) on this site?

  31. You make a lot of excellent points. Thank you. I think I was stuck in the heads pace of trying to make the old deck work with new cards rather than making a better new deck. I will definitely be using your advice

  32. Np, glad it helped! Should be a solid deck, compressor is so busted

  33. I was tinkering with a deck builder and came up with a new list based on your advice. (The fennekins, braixens and FCO delphoxes are proxies for the new ones coming out. Shauna is a proxy for Serena)

  34. I totall forgot Belt doesn’t hit GX! That’s rough, because without it you won’t OHKO shadow rider, but without Band you won’t OHKO ADP… Maybe a split of Belt and Band, or Bands and hypnotoxic lasers to hit 310>320?

  35. If you’re set on precons I think an online merchant is going to be your best bet, I’ve never seen a good selection of precons at brick and mortars!

  36. To add on, the Inteleon weakness boxes are now playing Radiant Charizard or Zeraora VIV which can both deal with Palkia.

  37. Google “play limitless pokemon”, sort by expanded, and take your pick! Many should be under 50 as long as you skip Computer Search ACE SPEC

  38. Thank you, it took me a minute to understand how the site works lol, but I may just alter my blissey deck tbh. Since I already got the mons, and most of the energy and trainers.

  39. Sure thing! For Gengar you either want the VMAX or Gengar+Bats (Crobat), neither of which is especially good in expanded, or Gengar & Mimikyu Tag Team GX which is used in Shadow Rider and other psychic decks but only as a one-of for its GX attack. There is a new Gengar coming out next set: its attack is bad, but its ability puts itself on the bench directly from the discard pile with damage on it, which will be great support for decks that care about your benched pokemon/evolutions/damaged pokemon in play. Tsareena V is a good example of a good expanded deck that might like this card, but others may become potent enough to influence expanded meta.

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