1. Someone report that some steering wheel work out of the box in deck. When more people own this, there could be a compatibility list.

  2. I tried everything but Logitech currently don't support Linux so major issues there and I couldn't find a way to install the .exe through steam.

  3. UK based here and I also looked into this a couple of years ago.

  4. I created a FB page for my first book as I never envisioned doing any more. I named it after my book title. Once I decided to write more, I renamed my page to my publishing name (I.e., from "High Royds Hospital: An Insight into Insanity" to "Ross Publishing") and just posted a short message explaining the name change. No one seemed confused about the name change as all they had to do was read the post or scroll down my page and notice posts about the book.

  5. I have both and would defo go for the ToLiss. The FF was a waste of money but thankfully I was able to get my money back through my bank as I couldn't get a response from FF to help with all the issues I was having.

  6. Cheating is cheating in my eyes. Not a full on aimbot but none the less still cheating. It’s a skill issue tbh. A lot of ppl feel the need to be better by using these things instead of practicing like everyone else. Millions of ppl use these things and you can see that by just YouTubing the setup videos with millions of views. There’s always a waiting list for these type of devices because there’s so many cheaters trying to get their hands on them.

  7. Yeah I've seen how powerful some of the aim assists can be. Like, when I play the older cods and see ppl hacking... how can you have fun playing in god mode and taking no damage??

  8. I used to use Evernote. Now I just use the notes section on my iPhone. Title of the piece as the note heading. Pretty simple.

  9. I thought this might be the best way as I tend to write them up when I get home anyway.

  10. Say what you want about sbmm, winning with randoms is never easy.

  11. Have no friends so randoms is all I'm stuck with haha.

  12. Commend you for getting wins with them. It’s really difficult to get on the same page with people you don’t normally play with.

  13. I just usually see who the "leader" is and follow them haha!

  14. If you got it on console you should be fine. PC struggles to find blackout lobbies and zombies

  15. Clocked about 4 hours today and had no issues so far! Fingers crossed it continues!

  16. you do realize this isn't the first time the price has gone up.... if you can't buy it without living pay check to pay check then that's on you to not buy the game and not complain its not within your budget.

  17. I can definitely afford the price tag but that's not the point, the point I'm making is its not a good investment if I'm not getting my use out of it.

  18. He's basically a heel in the outside world probably from the whole "filming a dead person in a forest" vlog years ago and he has this ego about him.

  19. I just need the game to get rid of battle pass and return to the old prestige system and I'll be back on board.

  20. I would say it’s gotta be Even if She Falls because it’s just an amazing song in general.

  21. This. I always play it on bass guitar and it hits differently! Always jamming out once it hits the car radio!

  22. Had the "I said we are not alone and the government knows it" tattooed on me recently so I'd go with that one!

  23. Best thing about Meadowhall, Pizza Hut Express!

  24. I’m not gonna lie, if Miss Ripley told me to kick my Dad’s friend in the balls and then clothesline my Dad to make her happy, I would do it.

  25. ditto. I would happily take any kind if beating from Ripley...

  26. Good stuff, that's the part 1 of the newer ones right?

  27. This game had some sombre sad music which just made the ending that more sadder haha!

  28. I use a website called Flight Connections. It gives you a map of the world and if you click on an airport, it gives you every direct route the airport flys to and what airlines.

  29. Check it isn't a fake before you use it, plenty of utilities out there

  30. Sold directly by Amazon so should be okay! Will defo give the utilities a look into before popping it in the deck.

  31. The biggest issue you'll have is sustained write speeds. As long as your internet is slower than the card you'll be OK.

  32. Never too bothered about write speeds tbh. I don't have much time to use my deck so I often install games over night while I work!

  33. I wrote my first book and never used one. I just put a disclaimer at the start and apologised for any mistakes and explained that it was my first time writing.

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