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  1. Where does the “Im a constitutionalist”

  2. You sound like you'll fit in with the Neo-Shapiroists

  3. I wanna join the witches neo-pagan witch burner burning coalition

  4. i imagine he would be able to fire volleys of arrows without a bow, basically launching them with nothing at all, or maybe just throwing huge arrows like javelins using his strength alone

  5. I'd imagine he could already do that, nut he doesn't because using a bow is honorable

  6. Honestly I hate when they portray Ralsie as "smol innocent uwu bean what doesn't even know what swearing is" so this is a breath of fresh air!

  7. Definitely somewhere rebel or chaotic, the evil-ness depends on how you would define edgy humor.

  8. Hussie had to merc Nepeta before she made everyone friends with her

  9. To be fair, there have been times when there were no recovery centers around, it would make sense that people would want to prevent death, or at least, prevent the comfortability of death in case the recovery centers are for some reason gone again

  10. Randy Stair, he literally massacred people at the supermarket he worked at and then killed himself.

  11. If you wanna know about what‘s up with their blood colors, they’re both my type of fan mutation called blendbloods, if you want more details just ask and I’ll link to what is basically the masterpost.

  12. Why not just link to the masterpost in this comment?

  13. Hussie never got to clarify how Karkat made it out the brooding caverns with a lusus and a house assembled for him by a drone. Considering his bright garish crimson blood he’d be purged, luckily the weirdo trolls who see him as salvation would carry him off in a sealed confine to an abandoned hive to raise in. Because damn, the fact Karkat made it past wriggling is a miracle in itself.

  14. Wasn't it specifically stated the followers bred a lusus specifically to take care of him?

  15. I would make Kris a girl just to mess up with like 75% of the community

  16. No, this is just schizophrenic levels of insane. Why does Reddit treat Republicans as if they were deranged schizos high on meth? It gets old really quick.

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