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  1. Why? What happened? I have only had good experiences so far.

  2. My husband is like this. He grew up poor raised by a single mom. He will want a new video game so bad and is just waiting for it to go on sale like looking every week at the ads to see if any of the ones he wants is on sale now. I always tell him to just go buy the game for full price when it’s new but he just won’t. Sometimes I buy one for him when I know for sure it’s the one he really wants. He makes just into the six figures and I make almost six figures. Child free and he drives a 10 year old car. But he will wait months to save $20 on a PS5 game

  3. Does he refuse to open certain food items until there's a backup of said food item in the pantry? That's my weird "grew up poor" glitch. I'm not touching that box of Captain Crunch until there's a backup in the pantry. Because once that original box is empty I may never enjoy it again. The backup box let's me open and eat the original.

  4. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Cambridge Analytica collected data on tens of millions of people on Facebook including millions of people who didn’t even agree to it. That information was converted into voter data and sold to the Trump presidential campaign. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, gave that voter data to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian who according to at least one U.S. intelligence agency is a Russian intelligence agent.

  5. Everyone involved in that attempt to control society though AI and big data collection should be in prison.

  6. This is why block chain tech is so valuable. They gimmick you into thinking it's better because it's decentralized but at the end of the day they're tracking the hell out of your spending habits

  7. Don't you dare link us Ohioans to Rapistburger. Ohio didn't defend his rapist lifestyle so he scrubbed his Ohio hometown from his NFL info.

  8. Why are they still married? Idk why they didn't divorce after he cheated on her.

  9. Just a side note, the Satanic Temple does not worship the devil or even believe that Satan or any other supernatural beings exist.

  10. And Christianity doesn't teach not to question and think critically about Bible passages. But here we are.

  11. Christianity barely teaches the bible... People claim a lot of things from the bible that aren't even in the book... or some of the claims are based on (un)intentional translation mistakes.

  12. Nothing is perfect. My church reads passages from the Bible. And I certainly don't have all the answers. Eating pork is listed as an abomination just like a man lying with another man is. Meanwhile I'll happily eat bacon and I really don't care who people lie in bed with assuming it's consensual

  13. Take a poll of how many people have heard of it vs pride month. How many companies change their logos or release limited edition products. How many parades are held in honor of both.

  14. Keep moving those goalposts every time those pesky facts get in the way

  15. Yes of course they do veterans don't get treated for ptsd often. They're also actual victims oftentimes, not just made up snowflake victims

  16. I'm confused why you lost friends due to your beliefs. Jesus himself hung out with the sinners, so if you are casting them out of your life, you probably need to reevaluate your choices.

  17. According to Christ in the Bible, all us unbelievers get thrown into everlasting fire by Christ and his angels.

  18. I have a pretty strong faith and I fully expect to see more atheists and agnostics who are decent people in heaven than people who proclaim to be Christian but certainly don't act or think like one.

  19. John 5:29 … they who have done good, in the resurrection of the just; and they who have done evil, in the resurrection of the unjust.

  20. I agree, a slim part of me also wants the Browns to get stuck with the bill for making this move.

  21. The Browns are still out the draft picks. And without a competent QB they will be top 10. This is the most Cleveland thing ever

  22. oh boohoo someone called me a homophobe. I'm soooo scared of the groomers...

  23. you told her what to do and how she should do it and then linked it to being "Christ-like" as if your position is superior and you threw the fake version of christ in there to add authority to your wording.

  24. You told me what to do and said I was a Satanist. Take a look in the mirror pal. But I guess you and OP have that in common. You both feel you are self righteous and able to label people what you deem fit no matter how they feel.

  25. If you wanna prove me wrong find out how many games other teams have games with rest advantage.

  26. Dallas has 6. Other teams avg less than 3. Using the exact same formula. Reading comprehension. Bro.

  27. No Dallas does not have 6. Jesus Christ. I just explained it. They literally have 3

  28. Do JWs really believe that only 144000 people will be in Heaven? What about the countless multitude from every nation mention immediately after?

  29. When I look at the state of humanity I wonder if we'll ever hit 144 000 in heaven

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