1. I believe it's because she mastered Will, its said that those who do can prologue there life (like Gar not aging for 10 years in the Spire) if u watch Theresa's backstory from Fable the Journey you'll see that after the events of the first game she went to Samarkand (which is where she first learned of the Spire) so it's plausible the knowledge from those ancient texts helped her gain full control over her power.

  2. Thats just insane! She could have save her brother and others for the sake of the Guild.

  3. Well it's not actually known what happened to the Hero of Oakvale, we have no idea if he's dead or alive but from the way Theresa spoke of him in 2 it's clear they haven't seen each other for centuries (since she went off to do her own thing in Samarkand)

  4. And with it comes the most boring recycled event ever, this is the worst yet

  5. You're mistaking morality and character. I never said he was a good person, I said he's a good character.

  6. Reaver is a character u love to hate and vice versa, while he is a good character i think him being voiced by the wonderful Steven Fry is what really sells him.

  7. No but there's more than enough evidence pointing to it

  8. Joker, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter especially 💀, Scarecrow, Calendar Man, FireFly, Riddler and Zsasz are all definitively going into Arkham Asylum With other characters it’s kinda iffy, like for example Killer Croc and Man-Bat bcs of their animalistic parts ig

  9. It's the one thing they get right, fucking hate the bastards

  10. Yes u can they added match chat awhile back, im on xbox and use it frequently.

  11. I wasn't a fan during this era but damn do I miss it (if that makes sense lmao)

  12. The vibe just wasn't it, it seemed more like a documentary then a "horror story"

  13. Because the AIDS epidemic was a real life American horror story. As were the witch trials, Madame LaLaurie, asylums, government alien speculations, haunted houses, school shootings, suicide, Nazi doctors coming to America, freakshows, the Jamestown settlement disappearing, cult behavior, H.H. Holmes and his murder hotel, serial killers in the 70’s and 80’s, the opiate epidemic. The only season that DIDNT really tell an American horror story was apocalypse but there were still a lot of metaphors in there.

  14. U either misread my comment or are just an arrogant POS, I said NYC was the only season that "didn't" alter the story of the real life event it drew inspiration from.evrything u just named had a fictional twist put on it smh.

  15. Is it ever stated those tapes are canon? because the same could be said for the bios in Asylum, there's one for Hush which is unlocked by a riddle (his bio even says he's Thomas Elliot) even though Batman doesn't meet him till the side quest in Arkham City so would have no knowledge of this, there's also one for Ra's which mentions the Lazarus Pit but yet again in City, Batman states its his first encounter with the Pit.

  16. Yeah I get what ur saying however Origins has nothing to do with the plot holes caused by Asylum in City, or vice versa, greedy or not that was Rocksteady's fault not WB's.

  17. My personal favourite is Fiona's death in Coven but this sits pretty far up, Liz Taylor is the moment

  18. I was talking about the heart to heart with Cordelia but yeah that too lmao

  19. Nahhhh this is a Dirty Den scenario, they'll leave the door open for Danny to return

  20. Nah cuz then people would complain its copying Max and Stacey instead of being original.

  21. That actress is simply fabulous, and I love seeing her in various character roles whenever she pops up. I'd love to see Aunt Babe back.

  22. Babe and Heather's Mum Queenie would take in vulnerable pregnant teenagers, who I presume didn't want their kid, or were convinced not to.

  23. Yep up the caravan in Ramsgate, they did bids for the babies, really sick.

  24. It makes alot of sense that Smithy was in a relationship with a 17 year old because that's his level of maturity. Teenagers are self centred and irrational at the best of times and that's definitely Smithy.

  25. Most yes but not all there's always an exception to the rule...

  26. Nah I think that's Ruth Jones, she did the Welsh bits (which were iconic) while Cordon did the English bits which for the most part sucked, the only thing that saved those scenes for me were the actors.

  27. Excellent point Clair! I have noticed Bernie has always been a narcissist, did you see when Keanu returned she didn’t care and just wanted presents, hope she’s killed off at Christmas the *** ****

  28. Yep there's a scene where Tosh is working for some evil woman who has her mother hostage and Unit Soldiers rush in and arrest everyone including Tosh even though she didn't have a choice.

  29. Ronnie and Roxy resurrection, idc how they do it and how stupid it is since it was dumb to kill them off in the first place.

  30. It was the same group of Zealots to, or spartan hunter groups. This guy is one of if not the only Field Marshal ranked Elites in the game as well. He’s the one who makes it out of winter contingency alive at the final firefight… you can count the bodies and their armor configurations. He snipes Kat, he knew you would be running to the bomb shelter and set up to take the shot. His group gets Emile in the end and then he waits for you at the very end before using the mini-mac / rail gun / mass driver.

  31. Yep, he and his Zealot Brothers were apart of the Devoted Sentries (a group tasked with hunting down Forerunner Artifacts) and unlike the majority of the Covenant forces, Field Marshals served the Ministry of Fervent Intercession rather then the Ministry of Resolution.

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