1. I definitely like him as a person better, and he doesn't get injured as much as KD

  2. The 80s would've turned it into a pop ballad with an equal ratio of controversial figures and it would've been so much better.

  3. There are a ton of NJO covers that are great and a lot better than Vector Prime in my opinion. To me that cover really mischaracterized what the Vong look like.

  4. It is still a bizarre choice both in and out of universe that she'd end up heading the Galactic Alliance.

  5. Is the left one the one in game? Because for real, that is just too flat. Doesn't look natural, even if you're not a horned up gamer.

  6. Man that's wild that Vince was teammates with Hakeem Olajuwon and Trae Young.

  7. Is there a longer three player connection? I think you have Shaq connecting Lebron and Magic, but that’s less impressive since Lebron is old.

  8. I mean, that is an absurd commitment especially if they're all supposed to be out by the end of the decade. I imagine there will have to be concurrent production. Shit, they're probably already making four and five while he makes 3.

  9. From everything I gleaned from interviews at the time, he and Tim Miller really didn't get along on their Terminator movie.

  10. Who else who's younger does he have a decent relationship with? Checking his credits he does EP on much that's not a documentary. Maybe some one who's not Robert Rodriguez who worked on Alita?

  11. I don't know where Wikipedia got their sources, but it's interesting to note that Benjamin Caron has a discontinuity in his block. He's directing Episode 7 and then 11 and 12.

  12. He might have meant blocks of filming? Maybe they filmed out of order based on the production schedule

  13. That's how it often is, it's just weird that one of them is discontinuous, especially since (by the article) if one year equals 3 episodes then you wouldn't want to demobilize certain elements. Makes me think Episode 7 is gonna be big.

  14. What did you dislike about Austin?

  15. It's a volatile mix of California self-centeredness and Texas selfishness. So nobody is friendly down there and everyone is focused on themselves. Plus, the city (the state in general) is just poorly designed, very cheap (in how it's built) and very inconvenient. People just seemed to be ok with it, though, either because "hell yeah it's Texas!" or "it's Austin it's cool." And it's just fucking crowded, even back in 2018 when I lived there the city was just not set up for how many people were moving though. All while still having the shitty parts of Texas front and center (racism, pointless pick up trucks, loud mouths, an inordinate amount of fat people. Holy shit I didn't think it was true but so many Texans are fucking fat. I can't blame them, there's no way to healthy down there)

  16. No worries about the rant! Thank you for the expansive insight, I more or less agree with all of your viewpoints. I haven’t been back to Austin since 2016/2017, and cant say I miss going back there. The early 2000’s were the best times to me for visiting that city. As for Richmond, the classic look is indeed quite pleasing.

  17. Everything is a repurposed something, you know? Which is something I love. So many apartments are repurposed cigarette factories.

  18. I'm not a big musical guy, but after watching Big Spender I think I'm gonna give these movies a shot.

  19. Is it this one and the guy in the suit in top hat meeting his similarly dressed friends in the city in his brand new Toyota Tundra?

  20. We get a status update every hour now, that nothing has changed.

  21. Which means we'll also have a bunch of jokers and meme lords going "hurr! Can't wait for the off season to be over" in every single post. Juts got watch some Overwatch porn, fellas. It's right there on that other tab.

  22. Something that I appreciate about Basketball References is that they realize that Basketball is so much more than stats, so "World B Flat" and "Young Socialite" stay on Kyrie and Ben's page.

  23. Yeah. This has had no clunkers and I’d say at least 7 great episodes. That’s about on par with a regular 22 episode season of trek.

  24. The sheer amount of memes that are just shitty recreations of older memes is insane

  25. Fella, the older memes are shitty too. By their nature they are shitty. And the people who make them are generally unfunny.

  26. yes his team in France back in the day was stacked!!

  27. And now that Embiid has his french citzenship, he's gonna be the back up center on his own country's team.

  28. Nah they gonna start wembanyama and embiid with him. Make it a triple towers experiment

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