1. So none of these steps are working for me. Turned off 2 factor, used temp code generator, still getting error NP-2239-6..

  2. They are really really old. I bought them from a street in Pakistan where old thing illegally enter Pakistan.

  3. 99.9% chance these wouldn’t be profitable enough to make fakes of so you’re good.

  4. Yeah it’s the box art on the back. Seal looks just like I remember them back in the early 2000s!

  5. Why do people like the GBA versions so much?

  6. I’m about to play VI when I’m done with Live A Live so I’ll let you know!

  7. Will take Tactics Ogre if you’d like to DM over PayPal info.

  8. That is 60 shipped! I'll meet you in DMs for shipping info!

  9. Thank you! I'll get it shipped out soon!

  10. Why wouldn’t you do the opposite? It makes more sense to me to start it in a less nutrient dense soil and let it reach over time the stronger stuff as opposed to letting it start hot and then all the sudden giving it weaker soil

  11. 3.0 isn’t a very “hot” soil. You can put seedlings right into it unless you have finicky genetics. The feeder roots are on the top and that’s where I put my compost. It’s more nutrient dense in the top layer by design.

  12. Agreed, I still don’t understand the light soil at the bottom haha

  13. My mindset is water seeking roots go down since plants try to find aquifers or ground water in general. We train feeder roots to the top. I use a slightly cheaper soil at the bottom cause the way I see it the plant isn’t focused on getting all its nutrients down there as much as the top layer.

  14. I’m not defending the nazis, just saying what happened. Entire German cities, with countless of beautiful historical buildings, were torn to pieces. The same didn’t happen in the UK or anywhere in Europe. Now look at German cities. Most of them are ugly, American-style

  15. Interested in both Fire Emblem games if they’re still available

  16. I’d suggest Dr. Zymes and follow the recommended instructions.

  17. It’s a 4x4 and I run 15 gallons of living soil per plant under 725W LED.

  18. I’ve always wanted to run their stuff, who did you go through if I may ask

  19. Just their website to be honest. Artizen seeds has their stuff as well!

  20. They just upgraded my two Cypress to two Magnolia at no additional cost. Additionally, I asked them during their sale if they would put the lower priced light first to get the discount on the higher priced light, and they did!

  21. While I’d normally agree the owner of the grow shop has been waiting on lights since January and has the exact same story as myself. Glad they helped you out. Hope they improve every aspect for future customers.

  22. I’ve spoken to Dan countless times. Unfortunately the “more to the story,” is they can’t keep supply up to par of how they communicate they can. I have my light and won’t be supporting them again. Just chiming in to show people Timber doesn’t have the “best,” customer service as buildasoil claims. As I said I’m glad you had a good experience. You and Jeremy are the only ones I’ve heard that have had a positive experience.

  23. I started a Afghani and a amnesia lemon in March in FFOF and I cut the bags off them and put them in the dirt there already almost as tall as my neighbors 8 foot fence they will be over the fence next week. I also have a perfect triangle it's not as tall. A friend gave it to me. There's a pic on my profile. They are ROCKIN in the ILLINOIS SOIL.

  24. I was only curious if you got the ground soil tested because it could contain harmful things you don’t want to be smoking. Hope the grow goes smooth for you.

  25. A soil test is still recommended when growing in any ground soil for any type of ingestion. Just trying to help, not to argue. Hope you have a great day.

  26. Jordan CP3 Tribute. Unfortunately not worth too much as they’re not very popular.

  27. Picked up these peewees for a steal, however they are clearly in need of some tlc. The suede is patchy as you can see in the pics and I can tell from the smell they have been in storage a while.

  28. Mink oil for sure then check out flippin_kickz on ig for how he applies it. He has tips on restoring suede.

  29. duke work never fails to impress, great job on the grow as well

  30. 10-15 would be fine. They’ll breed into a decent population quickly.

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