1. It's a reference to the show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

  2. Im thinking about a zx14/r for longer rides because I heard they're a lot more comfortable than a 1000. My back can only take an hour on my zx10 lol

  3. Look into a concours! Similar 1400cc motor but man is it comfy with loads of power

  4. The Tulsa guy purchased his gun same day before going off on a murder spree, but there's nothing to indicate that the other two I mentioned would have been dissuaded by licensing, registration, or insurance costs.

  5. So just curious on your proposed solution to this problem then, is it to stop the sale of firearms and somehow destroy the hundreds of millions that are already in circulation? I understand that this makes you upset but I don't understand how you intend to fix the needless violence that these damaged people take part in. Ever since there were people we killed each other, with rocks if that's all that's available. Violent people will still find ways to kill en masse, be it with vehicles, pressure cooker bombs, knife attacks, or even just blunt objects. In my mind it's better to allow good people to possess the greatest equalizer known to man, a firearm. I hope that one day people will realize we are far an idealistic society without murder and rape and other horrible crimes. But imagine the pain and suffering that would be avoided if more of the victims of horrible violent crimes were encouraged and taught how to handle firearms and encouraged to carry concealed handguns.

  6. 99% of consumer safes are meant to delay theft, not prevent it.

  7. Not a homeowner yet, but help me out what are reputable door handle/lock companies?

  8. I got stopped for a leatherman clipped to my pocket going into a chicago museum once. I was parked like a mile away, so I just went outside and shoved it into a planter. I was gone for less than a minute. I had been nothing but cooperative and cordial until this point, but when I went back in they asked me "sir where did you leave the weapon?"

  9. It's like the lol people from spongebob lol I think it was called like lol rock bottom lol

  10. Wish I could come but it doesn't make sense since I don't have a suppressor.

  11. I got tints!!! They’re amazing!! Made the car look so much nicer! I unfortunately don’t have 700 :/

  12. If you have 500 a ktuner can disable rev hang. It's still there but not as bad.

  13. Ender 3 and cura Nozzle: 210 Bed: 60 Retraction distance: 5.5 Retraction speed: 45 Print speed: 50 Not sure what other settings are pertinent for trouble shooting this

  14. Height overbore for first few shots, basically due to the mounts and scope + reflex sight, your barrel or where the bullet is aiming at is higher than it should be at close quarters.

  15. Watch at 18 seconds, you can see height over bore is not that extreme

  16. He had no armor and OP was using AP, which has 90 flesh damage. Even if it wasn't a headshot it should have been a one shot kill

  17. Yeah at 18 seconds you can see a shot to his chest, or maybe stomach either way that on top of the others he should be dead

  18. New to you, any details on what’s been done to it? Internal work?

  19. Nope, someone traded it and the gun store workers didn't have any info on it. When I take the slide off DA seems to work fine.

  20. I’d call Cajun gun works next time they’re open. You can speak with a gunsmith there and they may be able to diagnose it over the phone. They’re super helpful. While you’re at it buy some stuff from them. Promise you won’t regret it

  21. I'll give that a shot thanks. Also yeah I was planning on doing one of their upgrade kits. I guess now sooner than later.

  22. I have the same problem, just have neutral (white), ground (bare), and I'm assuming its a combine line/load wire (black) did you end up with a solution or are smart switches not an option here?

  23. Leaving before it hit obviously

  24. I don't live in a tornado prone area, but how much warning is there for touchdown. They also didn't have phones which is probably the most efficient warning system.

  25. An modern Japanese truck like first gen Tacomas or Nissans with a turbo 4

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