1. I am very proud that I was the first guy on whole reddit to introduce this video as nostalgia. Everyone surely misses good old days

  2. bhai mai bandi hu na isliye nahi pel sakti mere maa baap ka kalega muh ne aa jayega agar kuch kkeh diya unkey ladley betey ko aur mughey marna acha nahi lagta .

  3. This really feels satisfying. I really feel that such kids deserve the darkest corners of hell.

  4. yeah lol but most of them are really naïve to understand the level of 11th & 12th

  5. Bhai windows internet explorer band hogya he. Ab government ka har server ese hi down hota rahega

  6. Are bhai ye koi confirm nahi ki wo kya use karte he. Sab yahi bolte the ki goverment uss browser pe apna server host karte he tabhi itne bekar server hote he unke aur ab jabse uss browser ka support band hua he tabse goverment server aur bekar hogai he jese ek 2gb ram wale system pe crome ka server host kardia ho XD

  7. Bhai reddit abhi just join Kiya .....yaar yeh batao yeh reddit videos download kaise hote hai?

  8. 😂😂😂😅 nhi bhai mere kuch chumtiye dost hai unko dikhana hai ki aisa ho rha iss baar jee me aur mere centre pe bhi hua th aisa

  9. demotivate hokar time waste krta hu phir lgta hai bc shayd abhi bhi kuch ho sakta hai....

  10. If you have time, do one thing attach your dopamine reward system to the process. Krishna ne bhi bola tha karma pe focus kro, fal pe nhi

  11. You know what, its an advertisement, they made it a bit unsettling to get more views and they were successful in that because you watched, I see nothing wrong on their side

  12. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling

  13. in that case i am 100% sure its a registery issue, my dad's browser had a same issue and whatever i tried couldnt get it to go, ended up having to remove something from the registery. sadly i dont know how windows registery works and i cant help you

  14. Hey friend! Were you able to run a malware scan? Talk soon!

  15. Yeah I did, and quarantined all the files, but still problem persists


  17. Thanks! I just installed Malwarebytes, scanned and quarantined all the threats and now the threat in Windows Security has disappeared.

  18. Hey can you elaborate a bit about that 'check the registry and other things'

  19. SakshiG24 was dropper JEEtard preparing for 2022 by self study

  20. You are already present hence say yes maam because she calls your name out.

  21. Kya matlab southies ko thodi thodi hinthi aati, kvpy full form yaad karne se pehle aap logon ka reproduction chapter padhke hojaayega

  22. Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz 1.80 GHz

  23. Yo bro mai Shimla aa rha hu, 15th ko pahuchunga, kuch special tourists place types batao...

  24. Actually no, I've studied from her on Plus (just 4-5 lecs) and thats her pet's name

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