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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

  1. You do realize that all the wars you mentioned are not part of the Napoleonic Wars, right? And the participation of Ottoman Empire is still around the Mediterranean region. Name me one major battle of the Napoleonic Wars that take place outside of Europe and North Africa.

  2. Not my area of expertise, but would the Haitian Revolution count?

  3. There is a submod for kx that adds a whole bunch of paths for Australia (+some psa ones) and it added a Jack Lang Labor Party path.


  5. Daniel Guerin can take over CoF, Prince August Wilhelm Hohenzollern can take over Costa Rica, Ernst Rohm can do something in Mittleaftika (he's a leader but idk how to get him), and Eleanor Roosevelt can take over New England or USA.

  6. I’d, make a post NCR Legion war, expansion that has the User create a new character and help reconnect the our fringes of the game world. Like go to Zion, and bring the tribes into the fold, or go to Arizona and bring the the remnants into the fold. Stuff like that.

  7. That's actually pretty similar to one being developed called Fallout: Nuevo Mexico

  8. Besides the NatPop stuff, not really. You have more variety in terms of ideology but not in terms of paths. They are currently undergoing a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, rework though.

  9. I don't know about that. She didn't really have much going on.

  10. At the risk of sounding naive, what about this is a crime?

  11. According to NYPost, they got the priest for doing it in 'public view' and the two ladies got vandalism charges.

  12. I mean it is but that wasn’t a high bar to exceed in TFAs case

  13. I think it's more apt to say TFA is the least bad. They all suck, but to different degrees.

  14. So are you saying that andor is meh and that bringing in Han is a cheap way to make people like it?

  15. No, they're saying Andor is pretty good in part because it really stands on it's own (despite being a prequel) and bringing in Han would just be crappy fanservice

  16. Not crappy because it makes sense. Han likes money and andor is rich from the heist so it would be good fan service.

  17. It's crappy because Star Wars had a universe with thousands of planets and a timeline going over 250,000 years before the Disney buyout. All the new stuff uses the same few characters over and over again, often interacting in ways that screw with the cannon.

  18. I find it really odd so many are saying Andor has no cameos and fanservice when it absolutely does.

  19. Even with all that, Andor relies alot less on cameos & fan service than most other SW projects. I mean just look at tBoBF, or S2 of Mando.

  20. I'm not saying it's bad, but the first episode dragged on. Does it get any better and when?

  21. It gets better, they'll be some major action in Episode 7. The series is mostly centered on politics and character relationships (from what I've seen, haven't had time to finish it yet) so if that's not up you're alley, maybe it's not for you.

  22. New england is a dominion, NYC leads an alliance called “New Negro Internationale”

  23. new england and NYC dont hold elections, NYC is pan african radical socialist, new england is monarchist

  24. Well shit, pretty much everyone in America sucks (to MUCH diffrent degrees) then. Guess I’m going with Long, because he MAY restore democracy.

  25. I haven't watched ToTJ yet, but Andor is the only good show of the four here, from my appraisal.

  26. I feel like you'd get the power plant, but not the space station, since they're 2 separate places.

  27. Which son of his is it? If it's Willy 3 I think it should still count.

  28. Maybe the Brotherhood or Enclave (if they were stronger). Maybe Father Elijah or the Big MT. Maybe the 80s. Or maybe… the Courier.

  29. The 80s? Is Marty McFly leading an invasion with the Teenage Super Mutant Nightkin Turtles?

  30. I played AR a few years ago, back when i just syarted modding fo4 and it was super fun... One of the biggest gripes i have with quest mods in general is that you only get to play them once and then theyre done... those that have multiple endings often have one "best" ending as well, which makes their replayability a bit shot for me...

  31. ToTC adds a bunch of sidequests dotted all over the map. There is no main quest.

  32. Its not that the outcomes arent interesting... how can i explain a bit better... New vegas has multiple possible endings, but one of those endings has basically everyone alive and happy (save i think the legion) thats the "good ending" for NV (or at least what i remember it being)

  33. Oh, so you're after moral greynes then! I get you friend. There are some mods I know of that adds that, but I don't know if they work on xbox.

  34. I like that PA is a 'mech suit' as opposed to feeling like clothing. I also liked it being super configurable and being able to pick and choose limbs.

  35. (Assuming that this is F4) just know that if you sell/lose a comic book (or other collectable), it'll be gone forever.

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