1. The GW youtube Chanel actually has a great video on how to paint them. The only other paint you'll need is Averlabd Sunset in order to paint the yellow. That being said if you can look for army painter alternatives they're cheaper and do just as good

  2. The marine stands no chance against a named character.

  3. Alright so 2nd half aside tf am I supposed to do if the armored demigod slaps my mom?

  4. Now I'm painting death guard, before that i did Necrons as first army and custodes as second

  5. This borders on the line between wholesome and extremely wholesome. There's just something so soft and nice about how that tech priest and Necron are embracing and then there's the Skitarri at the front just wondering over the Necron phase blade.

  6. We're just gonna ignore the void dragon about to crush the emperors skull huh?

  7. Fbi: "I arrested a father at a school board meeting who was upset because his daughter was molested at school"

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