1996, ten year old me in the Shawn Michaels costume my Czech grandma painstakingly made for me to wear to a WWF event in West Palm Beach, FL

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  1. I must bully IF players. It's in the contract i signed when I ordered the Perturabo model

  2. Can we please get some legions other than the IF and the Sons of Horus shown off?

  3. Jealousy, honestly. When he wants to get something done he really does, and otherwise he doesn’t give a flying fuck - killed a primarch (Ferrus), left another one comatose for almost 10k years (Guilliman), only didnt kill another one (Dorn) because he wasn’t in the mood… he’s a bad motherfucker and he’s sexy as hell and glorious. Other traitors hate him because EC basically quit the siege so they could capture civilians and distil them into drugs, and then the EC go on to do the same thing to the other traitor legions once they’ve all retreated to the eye.

  4. Right how could I forget, literally fuels his apotheosis off the soul of Perturabo - well worth the crack to the face

  5. I mean, it would be pretty awesome to see Corax vs (a mentally well) Angron.

  6. And Big E handled his meeting with both of them very differently

  7. Here’s the worst one, Fuse: Australian, says the word bloody too much

  8. "Yeah that checks out"- the marines malevolent and minotaurs apothecaries

  9. Why would he do that? Like spice is the key to killing off the Navigator houses like a few centuries ahead of schedule.

  10. Because doing drugs to navigate the warp and see the future is how you get slaaneshed

  11. That is fucking scary. Do all USA cities have stats like this?

  12. I guess other US cities would some sort of shooting stats

  13. Imagine what this guy does at home if he’s brave enough to look that assanine in public.

  14. Looks exactly like mine but it's an iron warrior holding an imperial fist

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