Which profession is criminally underpaid?

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  1. During my instructor training our teacher showed us some gruesome pictures of things like that happening.

  2. He knew how to use it. The draw weight was a hair too much for the guy.

  3. 7075 T6. It’s harder for threading and readily available on

  4. Don't buy aluminum from McMaster, unless you need a small piece the next day. You'll pay three times the market rate for it.

  5. Mine drained an account I had funded with about $20K. Crashed the near $50K car I was letting her drive. And, forced the sale of a house I was dumb enough to put her on the deed of, that she didn't contribute a penny to.

  6. Me and mine went out for dinner last night. Bill was $182. Tipped $60.

  7. Skillet queso, comes with bottomless salsa, for like $2.50 more than just salsa.

  8. They have cameras everywhere. They also have facial recognition software, use it to track shoplifters.

  9. Canadian in the winter time. All of the country in the spring/summer/fall.

  10. also, 30% of America would insist zombies were a hoax perpetrated by Bill Gates and call anyone that kills them sheep. You can't make me shoot them in the head, muh freedumbs are being infringed.

  11. Come on now. That 30% also relishes the idea of being able to go on a free for all shooting spree.

  12. Buying the haas cap, cant afford to be a better fan than that.

  13. At my work we also have haas machines, my boss and his son got a full weekend in the pitbox at zandvoor last year from haas. They are still exited about it

  14. Problem here is the US is chock full of Haas customers. Not enough tickets for all of them.

  15. Not exactly, you could say the problem that Yamaha has, has been partly or directly influenced by Fabio's development inputs. The lack of rear grip that Dovi talks about, that could be Fabio's problem soon if they don't do something about it. The engine is sealed, so they aren't going to get any more power out of it, what they can do is play with the chassis/swingarm/suspension to find grip.

  16. Lack of rear grip for one, may not be occurring for the other. A lot of that comes down to the riders style.

  17. If they want to have any awnings or overhead signs, there must be some limit. Awnings over the drive through are extremely nice in wet weather, and overhead signs are convenient for many purposes.

  18. Pretty much every full size pickup on the road is over 6'. I'm 6'4", my Rebel is a bit taller than me, my TRX is a good bit taller than me. Brothers Silverado is right about my height. Go to a 2500, they're tall AF.

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