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  1. This. Also why I think people should carry at minimum a hemostatic agent and tourniquet. In a FoF (they have a gun too), even if you fire, try to get off the X, there is a HIGH likelihood you are also going to get shot, especially if your draw and shoot isn’t sub 1.5. But getting off the X may save your ass from taking rounds as well. If they have a gun, they’ll likely pull the trigger as they are shot.

  2. Most days when I get home, I try to build up the muscle memory and get used to how to draw with different shirts. Any tips to keep me from building bad habits?

  3. I record myself when I do these practice runs and critique myself later on, paying attention to bad habits starting to form, that works for me

  4. A transporter of gods. The GOLDEN GOD. I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!!

  5. What's really mildy infuriating is I tried to swipe that hair off my phone. Twice.

  6. The app AmmoSeek is pretty sweet. Search by caliber or manufacturer and filter by cheapest option

  7. If there ever exists a question as to why I killed myself, let it be known, here and now, that this video was directly responsible.

  8. If the vaccine worked, wouldn't a vaccinated person be safe around an unvaccinated person?

  9. All depends if you use the same bus stop and your bus driver doesn't move. We bussed middle school and high school on the same bus. Had the same bus driver from 6th grade until I graduated high school.

  10. I can't stress this enough, but within 5 years after high school, nobody, and I mean nobody, is going to give a single fuck about high school. The only people that will are those that peaked in high school. So just ignore it and do your own thing.

  11. I'm interested how you would've handled it differently? I was attacked in a similar fashion and I the dog didn't let up. There was no time for pepper spray, or a taser. I had to shoot it and it's the only thing that saved my life. Dogs like this need to be put down.

  12. I sit in an office at work with two others in the office at their desks. One of them only uses voice text and replies in voice texts. I constantly know who he's talking to and the daily things he talks about.

  13. I went right to the bars in my town, and shot my shot until I hit and we went home. Helped me get over it fairly quickly.

  14. Well I suppose I'm a bigot. I like my women the old fashioned way: blond hair, and without a penis nor have ever had a penis.

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