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  1. I was playing Evil Genius 2 but now it seems to be either removed from premium or locked for some reason 😞

  2. It’s a kappa. A Japanese folk monster that would drown children who got close to the shore

  3. I don’t think so. They said during nightfall the purpose was that survivors “would only be able to see the Dredge” and that he would be highlighted. Hence why everyone was confused about why nightfall didn’t really reduce survivors vision

  4. Never played or watched any ash games or movies but I always thought it would've been interesting to have some crappy, poorly made, goofy, but bloody and broken down robot costume to fit his mechanical hand but still fit with the violent nature of the entities realm. Although this may be controversial, I'm sorry if it is.

  5. I like the Pulcinella one. I think it’s low key the creepiest set.

  6. No one here knows for sure. But it’s tough to imagine they won’t show up in the store.

  7. The Beauty. A mysterious disease has wiped out most, if not all, women. Men live in colonies in the woods, and one day meet a species of sentient mushroom that takes the vague shape of women and the men fall in love, causing chaos because they are mushrooms. Dudes wind up pregnant, mushroom sex, etc.

  8. If the pothole is on I-71, you need to

  9. So is 311 good for city streets? I have one on my neighborhood street I’d like to report

  10. Isn't Alex Jones supposed to be bankrupt or just pretending to be bankrupt to avoid financial ruin for being an asshole?

  11. He may actually have almost been bankrupt. But someone donated a million in bitcoin to keep him going. There is a great podcast called Knowledge Fight that recaps his episodes and goes over all the lies and analyze them and tries to find the truth. It’s pretty great

  12. agtk says:

    The legal definition of hearsay is "an out of court statement given to prove the truth of the matter asserted." You can object to any witnesses' answer as hearsay, even if you asked the question that brought up the hearsay.

  13. So you’re saying he was so eager that he prematurely objectulated?

  14. Hey! That’s my realtor! He’s a great dude, was a great realtor and helped us out a lot last year when buying a home. Matt Ward of Delicious Real Estate.

  15. I’d suggest looking a bit into him before singing his praises. I’d recommend the podcast Behind the Bastards that talks about him.

  16. I’m surprised to see Oliver Tree on here

  17. I have! It’s just more shocking to think he’s on a list tied with Brittney Spears for cost of a music video given he’s a bit less known. Especially given the video is Oops..I did It Again.

  18. Someone somewhere once said he's the real life Tony Stark... and the douche believed it.

  19. Was it ever super busted in favour of killers? I’ve heard stories of old Billy being terrifying, and old ruin, but beyond that?

  20. Trapper used to be able to put traps directly beneath hooked survivors, mori’s could be used on any downed survivor regardless of hook progress, WAY more body blocking was available, stealth could prevent BT from working

  21. Yes, the person doesn’t seem to understand how the repair penalty works. If survivors repair a gen at a speed of 100% solo, they incur a 15% reduction for each additional survivor working the same gen. So while they have a lower individual speed, it’s still being done faster overall as a group A gen with 1 person on it takes 80 seconds to complete, a gen with 2 people take 47 seconds, etc.

  22. But we’re talking about the start of the game. 3 survivors could have the first gen done in 38 seconds. They could have it done before you even get your first hit in, depending on the map. You don’t get that gen back, and you are now behind. They can easily split up afterward, but having it done that quickly does not benefit you as the killer.

  23. Kind of the opposite, but the documentary “hot coffee” pretty much saved the reputation of Stella Liebeck, the woman who sued McDonalds for being severely burned by overly hot coffee and then smeared by them as a means to push tort reform.

  24. I very vividly remember the part of that doc where they show random people they were interviewing her burns after they all said they thought the lawsuit was ridiculous. Every single person changed their mind when they saw how badly she was burnt. Those burns were brutal

  25. That seems a bit too strong especially with killers like blight and Wraith who can just zoom around the map get full pentimento and then start the game. Killers shouldn't be destroying totems lore wise anyway since they're killer belongings.

  26. But the wraith would only be able to destroy blessed totems. It would give a risk to using a blessed totem

  27. I just don't like the idea of killer's breaking totems, I feel like surviours should have to use their own time as a resource to break totems.

  28. But that’s how a balance would work. Either side has to make the decision if it is worth the time for an ever dwindling resource knowing the risk. Killers would be able to destroy more quickly given that there is one of them vs 4 survivors, but it would create at least another meta game

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