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  1. I mean NASCAR had the chance to do something in the race and were really quick to say "no penalty"

  2. Oh, they know his behind ain’t finishing one of these races after that.

  3. In less than a full season of starts, Ty Gibbs is one win away from tying Kasey Kahne for career Xfinity wins.

  4. And yet somehow they created a track that races worse than either of those tracks did.

  5. But couple that with the last decade of intermediate racing, and you can kind of understand them wanting to avoid anything that looked like that like the plague.

  6. They avoided it by giving us a racing product worse than any intermediate race in the past decade while also apparently failing to identify what made those races bad (the asphalt and the Gen 6).

  7. The announcers sure as hell are trying to make excuses for him though. If I hear burtons squeaky ass voice try to say it was something mechanical I’m throwing my remote

  8. Did I miss something, or did he say it could have been mechanical, and then saw another replay and went in on him?

  9. OP going to London on 4th of July weekend to find a bar showing the NASCAR race during the British GP race week.

  10. Gotta get my stock car fix in. Also I plan on being obnoxiously American on the fourth.

  11. All these years, I thought it was "but we lost ourselves"... The more you know...

  12. It’s possible they change it up in later verses, but in the first verse it is Have

  13. Maybe we'll see her racing real cars in 20 years!

  14. Imagine calling a guy poverty when he's wearing 17 rings.

  15. Every day that goes by I'm a little more convinced that there's a Stephen A clip for every situation possible.

  16. That doesn't change the fact Dale Sr. And Gordon were definitely way more popular than Elliott by the mid-late 90s. Pretty sure it was just his fan club liked to put in multiple votes

  17. Oh, but they were insanely polarizing too. Gordon was like a more OP version of '17 Martin Truex Jr. at his peak, and there's a reason KB gets compared to Dale Sr.

  18. Gotcha! Thanks for the info.

  19. I'd assume the main issue last week was the 6hrs at the Glen was on USA, so they couldn't have any pre-NBC broadcast coverage on their main cable arm.

  20. It looks like a heat game with next gen cars, hence the track map and ui. I can’t tell speed or anything from this but I can imagine this playing well if it’s just heat 5 with next gen cars, since all the work was done by 704. But hey it’s msg they might find a way to fuck it up

  21. Since they went out of their way to make sure NHUE wasn't being built on the Ignition engine, I'd honestly hope it's the same Heat 5 reskin with new tracks and NextGen cars.

  22. The NHUE+ was priced at $39.99 which is below the typical average for a AAA/league licensed sports game on the Switch.

  23. Damn, somebody at Motorsport Games really favors Nintendo. Too bad we can’t get this on Xbox or PS

  24. I think they're just milking that NASCAR Heat engine for all they can.

  25. Stop. The 'Gibbs bad' take is going to get off the ground at all costs. Even when the very parties involved are here to squash the flames.

  26. I think it also highlights the biggest problem with the booth:

  27. Most of the time it’s just non stop talking where I can’t hear myself think. Dale Jr is the one I want to hear from the most and in 2020 and 2021 he just gets routinely drowned out by the other 3 who won’t shut up. The only time there’s a semblance of normal commentary is the last few laps where the booth is clearly told to shut up and let Rick talk.

  28. So if you go to your library and watch Law and Order it is actually the race? I wasn’t sure if that would work in YTTV. That’s what I used to do on cable. I figured since it doesn’t actually record anything that when you went to replay Law and Order it would just show the actual L&O episode that was slotted to play. Thanks for advice.

  29. What I did was immediately start setting any Law and Order shows to record.

  30. I've always preferred NBC over Fox except Joy over Allen. However, i don't understand Burton in the booth. He sounds two much like Dale to the point i have to think about which one is talking. And i really liked Burton as a driver and before Jr came on board. If you're going to do two drivers together, get two that sound different. Pull Jmac from Fox. Get Harvick or Kurt when they retire, but i can't do Burton and Jr together.

  31. It sounds crazy, but I'm pretty sure that core NBC booth crew is second only to DW, Larry, and Mike in terms of longevity in the modern NASCAR TV era.

  32. I have a really small nitpicky issue with their Xfinity coverage. Why do they make all the driver numbers on the ticker purple? It makes it so much harder to find a driver. They do it for cup and they did it for the championship 4 last year so I know they have the ability.

  33. As a Harvick fan, I find it amazing how the Regular Season Championship is being entirely ignored in this whole debate...

  34. i’ve always appreciated you for seeming to bring humor into controversial situations.

  35. I did not like ESPN's coverage at all this year, holy bad. Why do they always insist on interviewing the coach that just got scored on and asking him how he feels? Fuck off.

  36. These are professional stock car teams, they can get the dang wheels on! So many teams are being penalized! You’ve got Hendrick Crew chiefs out for weeks now! There’s literally like a 30% chance you’ll have a wheel issue now. It ruins the race! So you think NASCAR holds no responsibility in this??

  37. To ask really top notch questions, too. “What does this feel like?”

  38. I've been watching since '05, and I can't say I've ever seen a pit crew that's not only bad, but actively playing defense against their driver being relevant.

  39. If I'm Bubba at this point, I don't even know why I'd bother ever pitting.

  40. I constantly root for him to not pit whenever there is a judgement call

  41. There's a difference between a typical bad pit crew, and being so bad they've actively playing defense against competing.

  42. The TV networks refused to have night races. So God had to step in and make them.

  43. TV refused to have reasonably scheduled early afternoon races. So Mother Nature said, "ha, suck it!"

  44. I mean... high noon races in the middle of a Tennessee summer are a terrible idea.

  45. As a native SoCal guy, I'm certainly grateful everyone was patient enough to let this place develop and let the grooves widen out.

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