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  1. They confused Gabby Patton with Gabby Barett. Gabby Bs husband Cade wrote that weird pregnancy

  2. Ah yes, seems I did. Now that I think about it, it was a very Vuolo-esque thing to say, now wasn’t it lol.

  3. They already have a son, though. So was this a recent post?

  4. Plus the fact Dragon was like 13 at the time of God Valley.

  5. It could be assumed but its never stated. If we every find Luffy's mom we will get a lot of questions.

  6. He doesn’t really talk about him that much, but they must’ve interacted at some point in the last 20 years because how else would Garp have gotten Luffy?

  7. A lot of the time, when a character has completed the main story thread they were first created for, the writers really struggle to find something new and relevant for them to do. Think of Mike, Will, and Jonathan now. They’re just there.

  8. i wanna see just one Ukitake fight in the anime pleaseeee

  9. Just one, proper fight where he goes all out. Don’t even have to show his Bankai if Kubo wants to save it for Hell, just one where we see why he was Captain for hundreds of years. If not this, then have him fight Robert during the second invasion or something.

  10. They’d be another Steve and Dustin if Billy had lived through S3. You’d never expect them to be friends but they would be and be total bros, to everyone’s shock and amusement lol.

  11. I’ve missed the Jesse-Wayne tension. This series will probably bring it to the worst it’s ever been.

  12. Can’t help but hear Still by Geto Boys in my head right now. It’s even funnier when I visualize him in the shrinking blue suit, sitting in his cell.

  13. I’d call this The Long Month because at least we have RtLT to satiate us. The month before the timeskip, though. That was a Void Month.

  14. After Bran there will be another massive power vacuum, unless he is made immortal by some magic and/or children of the forest ritual.

  15. He does not age well. It’s only been 6 months. The next decade will be even worse.

  16. He’ll have transformed into Terry Forsyth by the time he’s out.

  17. I can’t get past the hair, especially Bin’s. He’s a young JB with that style but just WAY more hair.

  18. Bin’s hair is the hair you see in a flashback scene in a show or movie just in case you needed a visual reminder that a character is younger.

  19. “I feel like this is someone important, but I’m not absolutely sure.”

  20. Ikr, she still looks the same as she was introduced to the show almost 5 years ago

  21. You think? It could be she’s changed her dress and makeup but she looks like she’s aged right alongside the rest of the “kids.”

  22. So how did Obi-Wan go from living in a cave to having a modest house? I know it’s a small detail but if you’re going to open with him living in a cave, you can’t not explain the house.

  23. Luke, you must face Darth Vader again. Because for some reason I was too chickenshit to kill him on some nameless planet when I had the chance.

  24. “Even as I realized the man I once knew was gone and so should’ve had no hesitation to do so.”

  25. No Jesse you totally can believe you were asked to be best man. You’re his only brother and if the groom has a brother he’s on good terms with then that’s almost always who he goes with.

  26. i feel like this season is not going to end well..

  27. Not sure about that. If they’re telegraphing and teasing a downer ending that much, then it probably won’t be all that much of one. There’s still one more season left, after all, and unless they want to end it like Infinity War, they might want to hold off on the real big tragedies for S5.

  28. Muh inanimate objects coming to life and stalking muh main character.

  29. Probably not. She’d just be a former backbencher if Cuomo weren’t around to run in 2014. Unless he challenges Trump to a rematch and she’s his running mate and when he loses she’s next in line by name recognition.

  30. He would probably remain a moderate or even liberal Republican who used his personality to win the primaries rather than policies

  31. Something I thought of just now: if he’s Mayor in 2004, that means The Apprentice isn’t a thing. Now he’s still very, very well known, but maybe the primary is bloodier both because he’s more of a social moderate and because his name recognition isn’t basically universal like in OTL.

  32. Dresses/skirts while RVing? Ugh, these people are just so fucking basic.

  33. Joy’s at least somewhat trying to be fair, don’t know what to tell you about Hannah and Esther tho.

  34. Shunko AKA Yoruichi’s honorary Zanpakuto, Bankai and all lol

  35. If those aren’t the fakest smiles I’ve ever seen…

  36. What else would you expect from a sister mom reunion (with Jenni fittingly subbing in for Jill)?

  37. Yeah just a side gig. Might or might not patent it soon for some extra cash, not really a big deal to him either way.

  38. Yeah just a side gig. Might or might not patent it soon for some extra cash, not really a big deal to him either way.

  39. At this point Joy has had what looks like a bump so many times that I’m just going to assume that her stomach is physically small so she gets food babies easily. Until we get a formal announcement at least.

  40. Chapter 1 had natural pink haired Koby Chapter 2 natural green haired Zoro.

  41. Oh of course the Crayola box has always been used, but it’s been cranked up to 11 the last few years. If it were like it is now back then, Lucci might have turquoise hair and Aokiji’s might be purple lol.

  42. Not the intent lol. Of course there are normal colors but the number of characters with weird ones has definitely increased lately. Not a flaw, just an observation.

  43. “He has no fears!” Yeah little man has no depth perception. Good luck trying to explain that one to Joy though

  44. Just a year ago in a vlog he was horrified of crossing a fairly wide balance beam like 3.5 feet above a pit full of foam cubes. Doubt he’s gotten much more courageous from age 3 to now at 4 but what do I know.

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