1. I think it's a pretty ok movie and that its better than the last cgi wimpy kid movie, but it's not as good as the original rodrick rules movie. I'm also disappointed General Grant didn't return

  2. why did you use DLC characters? Feel like you should have just used base game bosses since the devil is there, amazing art nonetheless!

  3. I used DLC characters because I wanted to represent the cuphead game as a whole and because dlc bosses have not been depicted in merchandise all too much yet. Thanks for the compliment though! This is one of my favorite concepts I've made!

  4. Last year I managed to somehow get all three of these and the 8 inch Greg figure and the rodrick/skateboarding greg 2 pack. They are the most cursed things I own

  5. Unless your thinking of Funko, but I don’t know, that why I messaged them about it.

  6. In past AMAs they comfirmed that a dlc wave Is coming early next year, saying that Snow cult snowman, Dogfight leader and cupsouls will be in it

  7. My most expensive pop is Harry Potter with hogwarts express, it's worth about 70 bucks

  8. The animation in my opinion looks unfinished as the background behind the house looks un rendered and the lighting looks off, but considering the amount of scenes in the trailer I'm hoping it's longer then the last movie

  9. The vault is still not here, and nothing major on the subreddit really happened

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