1. theyve been in vermont, its where their weird cult farm is based out of. stamford vt if my memory serves me right. the story about the children being on a farm with guns took place there, its wild shit.

  2. If they’ve lasted this long without acknowledging it, they can make it to the release date.

  3. How do you go from Sonic to ... Pac Man tho?

  4. big difference between those names you listed vs pacman: nobody knows about them. things like mario, sonic, and pacman are all instantly recognizable to most (which is enough for a studio to greenlight). not as many people would even recognize toe jam and earl.

  5. True. Universally known, but still a wacky choice

  6. oh yeah, makes no god damn sense. but i guess to a studio exec all they see is an IP that hasnt had a movie yet.

  7. What star power? I’m legitimately confused. To an average movie goer, Morbius and Madame Web have negative star power. Maybe you are talking about the actors?

  8. when somebody refers to "star power", theyre talking about movie stars. i dont really see that term used when talking about fictional characters.

  9. The thing is I’m sure people would be down for a film but horrific historical figures as protagonists if it didn’t shy away from it. The Norseman was pretty much that, unflinching that Vikings raiders were murderous in ways that shock modern comprehension. Pretty much any film about Rome or Ancient Greece too. 300 was incredibly white washed but it still showed a pit full of baby skulls in the first scene. This film could be a pretty gritty portrayal of real history without a clear “good” hero

  10. i agree with everything you just said! the only thing i find disingenuous about these threads is that this is the first time (in my 10 years of being on this website) a historical piece is being slammed by redditors for historical inaccuracy. folks here rarely say shit about movies like 300, revolutionary war movies, or 90% of Westerns. yet, every thread for this movie is people calling out its historical inaccuracy. are people tired of fictional retellings of history? i just cant wrap my head around why this movie in particular is getting so bashed for its historical inaccuracy by redditors when there are countless others that havent gotten the same treatment. im glad this thread seems to be calling out movies like The Patriot though, cause ignoring slavery has been prevalent in Hollywood for a long time.

  11. I've seen the BotW on it, which makes me DESPERATE to never watch it, myself. That movie probably looks worse than Sharks of the Corn, I have to admit.

  12. ive seen it because of the BotW vid, it is truly the worst shark movie ive seen.

  13. i think its true for any "fan" that makes said thing their personality.

  14. Huh. Literally nothing spoiler about this clip

  15. have you watched it? all i can find is versions for over $10

  16. thats crazy that this was shown in a theater. i would love to watch it but there's no way im paying that much for it.

  17. I love Jo Koy but damn does it seem like a streaming service release. Just happy he got a film on the big screen at least.

  18. yeah, its rare, its cool to see a comedian driven movie get a big release. however, that the poor performance will only reinforce studios not giving comedies the theatrical treatment.

  19. Literally zero box office discussion in the comments. No speculation at all on what franchise floor/ceiling is, just Cape fans throwing shit at each other.

  20. thank you! this entire thread is just fanboys shitting on a movie they didnt like and then debating with each other over their own theories. the article itself BARELY has to do with actual box office discussion.

  21. YES! every time i get a blt from my spot they ask if i want cheese. the few times ive said yes ive regretted it. now other veggies on the other hand 👀

  22. Surely the N64 Mario Parties will eventually arrive to the Expansion Pack, Nintendo just didn’t want them there near launch cause the new game released almost at the same time last year.

  23. sorry if i didnt phrase this right! i meant a lot of people watch his stand up specials and stuff. i saw somewhere that hes one of america's biggest working comedians and thats pretty rare these days! comedians seem to be more niche-based these days, so to have one that appeals to families across america is special.

  24. I've literally never heard of the guy and neither have my friends. Wrong demographic maybe, but still

  25. i hadnt heard of him either before this movie, but after doing some research he certainly has an audience.

  26. youre not wrong, but do you not see the argument that BvS left a bad taste in people's mouths and they dont trust DC movies anymore? there was a lot of hype for that movie and then a lot of hate. WoM was abysmal and it definitely had an effect on what came after it. ofc the first movie with batman and superman standing off along with wonder woman is gonna gross a bunch of money in 2016, what came after it was more indicative of the success of that movie. well, that and the fact that a movie with that much hype couldnt crack $900m.

  27. Wouldn't having long hair in a battle be such a major disadvantage..

  28. Such a shame that movie is so messy because it has some nuggets of gold like this.

  29. that movie is such a zany ride, idk if its childhood nostalgia or not but i do find it funny.

  30. yeah i really feel like that should be mentioned in the title, this number is good but thinking its purely thursday will cause higher expectations and the inevitable disappointment this sub will feel.

  31. His movies are very weird but they’re usually well made. I didn’t like “Men” very much but it had amazing cinematography and great acting.

  32. i can honestly say ive never seen something like Men before. it flopped for a reason, the last 15/20 minutes make any positive WoM impossible. the small marketing push it got didnt land either.

  33. if alex garland would drop the notion that you need the main character to have a history of trauma in janky flashbacks, itd be a much better movie. same goes for men and devs tbh. it never feels natural and seems like an after thought where he has a great idea for a movie then feels the need to inject some sort of human drama in it. the flashback scenes pop up in spots where it doesnt make much sense and then they cut back to a continuation of what was going on before, as if the flashback doesnt fucking matter lol. also, those flashback scenes just take place in an apartment or something, just a real boring setting and look compared to the meat of the movie. i hope he refrains from doing this in the future.

  34. National Christians a.k.a. Nat-C's cant stand the fact that younger generations dont give a flying fuck about a dude in the sky lol

  35. the information age really showed younger generations that yeah, religion is probably bullshit thats only exists to suck money out of believers.

  36. oh damn i was about to be shocked, thought this was Thursday only numbers!

  37. Where in Vermont is this compound that always gets brought up?

  38. Lol I removed his name as to not to doxx him but you already know him from the pfp. That's how toxic he is. Hilarious.

  39. lol i appreciate that, but itd be impossible to not recognize that blue furry reddit icon because of how often i see it!

  40. ugh that guy fucking sucks. hes a right-wing snyder cultist who often complains about hollywood being "woke". hes always commenting some bullshit in every

  41. so i hadnt been to an AMC in years until about a week ago (my state doesnt have any and i was visiting NJ), and my god it takes so fucking long for the movie to start. first thing when the lights dim was an AMC stubs membership commercial, then like 8 trailers, then i got a second ad for their subscription service, then it played a long and intense animation for why i should turn my phone off, then this fucking nicole kidman commercial plays (which is weirdly full of itself), and then a big animation showing off how cool AMC and coca-cola are with MORE advertising for their fucking subscription service! i believe 30 minutes after the scheduled showtime was when the movie started. it was unreal. felt like the theater was actively wasting my time. if i ever go at an AMC again, im showing up at least 20 minutes late.

  42. 5 seconds every single draw for the rest of the run…it’s not like it’s once or twice

  43. its once a fight, and after a certain point i have it down to a science what i do and dont want in my opening hands. obv assess the turn at hand, but more often than not im just going for the cards i know i want.

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