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  1. The Fire Marshall told me that keeping such a big strawman in a single unventilated comment is a fire hazard.

  2. I hate that he died, but at least he went out like a real badass - defeating a supposedly-unkillable creature, and then standing tall against the Lord Ruler himself.

  3. I've lived and driven in a lot of places, Nashville is the worst I've ever driven. There are certainly places that are worse, but this city is fucking awful.

  4. Having lived in DC for 8ish years, DC is worse. But not by a wide margin.

  5. DC has orders of magnitude better public transit than we do.

  6. Oh god yes, I barely needed a car in DC. Nashville, not so much.

  7. One of my boyhood friends was the son of A WWII Navy veteran who was a survivor of the sinking of the USS Little, DD-803. The ship was hit by several kamikaze aircraft while on radar picket duty off Okinawa on May 3, 1945.

  8. My late grandfather was a Navy Vet who worked on an ammunition ship in the Pacific Theater. He never talked about it much, but apparently he saw multiple ships in his own convoy(s) hit and destroyed by kamikaze attacks.

  9. That's exactly what I thought when I saw it. Doesn't look like a person. Either a decoy or pissing about.

  10. I had a similar thought, except that one of the soldiers is hunkered down right next to it which seems counterproductive to the point of a decoy.

  11. This type of thing doesn't usually end well, but if there was anyone I'd trust to do it justice it would be Alastair Reynolds. He has experience with writing huge galaxy spanning novels that are packed full of concepts and ideas, and also pack a punch.

  12. Alastair Reynolds, but allow the ghost of Terry Pratchett to possess his editor.

  13. This has been tried, and it ended up showing that even more men were hired. Implying that people were actually discriminating against qualified men. That isn't a result anyone wanted, though. So obviously, they stopped trying that.

  14. Source? I hadn't heard that was the outcome.

  15. Wait...can you build so many refineries in one place? Is this another glitch technique I haven't heard of?

  16. That's an impressive amount of technobabble. It's half Star Trek: Voyager and half Mantis Shrimp YouTube video

  17. And yet, here you are criticizing someone for believing something they didn't personally bear witness to

  18. OK, I'll bear it mind, but I'm not really well versed in dealing with frameworks. At the moment I am just trying to get beyond the absolute basics of coding, because I seem to be repeatedly getting stuck and struggling with some apparently pretty fundamental things, such as use.

  19. I think that's the right approach, for what it's worth. You should absolutely understand the language fundamentals before jumping into frameworks, otherwise you'll have a hard time distinguishing between a feature of the language and a feature of the framework.

  20. It took me approximately 120 seconds to screenshot the youtube video at 1:23, open the screenshot in Gimp, and then compress it horizontally by 90%. Bam...visible curve.

  21. I don't understand. I tried to click the big red play button, but...something stopped me! My cursor slides away from it, like an armed penguin tobogganing down a hill to intercept tourists! I try to read the title, but the letters melt and flow down the screen like water on a spinning ball! My mind, as smooth as the surface of a flat and non-curved lake, cannot comprehend the events before me! Give up, fellow indoctrinated fools, I am lost to globism!

  22. Once I did a Nexus mission with another person, and somehow when I left the building where I disabled the computer I was teleported to a torture base that they built near it. There were flashing red lights that killed me quickly and they just stood there unaffected. There were no exits, and I ended up teleporting my best stuff to my ship and logging off.

  23. LOL, what? Yes I'm sure he's out there putting life on the line in a warzone for the homosexual agenda, those anti-tank mines just launch a bunch of dildos and USB sticks filled with episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race

  24. Yes, I'm sure the most significant aspect they have in common is support of homosexuals. That's definitely not a super weird reach you're making

  25. Someone should return the favor to all of Moscow. Shouldn't be that hard considering all the footage of helicopters just waltzing right through Russian air space.

  26. We shouldn't respond to war crimes by committing war crimes ourselves.

  27. Now what you’re doing is called “appeal to authority,” lmao.

  28. It's not an appeal to authority when the authority in question has relevant expertise that is applicable to the question at hand. If I say "I've been working in web development in fifteen years, [statement about web development] doesn't work like that," it wouldn't be an appeal to authority.

  29. I'm starting to think you're the recruiter

  30. So I've thought about making covered landing pads a number of times but never actually got to it. Do ships just clip through the structure, or can you only land when the landing pad isn't hidden behind an obstacle?

  31. It’s like when you find a nice paradise planet and then realize it has aggressive sentinels so they’re on your ass like every five seconds.

  32. I swear, it's like every paradise planet I find is crawling with aggressive sentinels, and you're constantly fighting them off like there's a 5D beehive bound to your position in spacetime.

  33. Our K/D ratio says we definitely won. Look at the US COD rankings. Number 1.

  34. I loved this book so much but fuck me it’s bleak. Banks has a particular interest in the tragic lives of royal children, it’s a theme in several books. Who would want to be born a prince. The chances you lay out here all make sense

  35. I have to admit that even rereading it now, it's got some really brutal moments in it.

  36. Yeah, that's one way of doing it. Another approach, when you expect the value from a user, is to use a map:

  37. Yep, this is exactly what I do. For example:

  38. Technically, if you can guarantee $x is defined not from user input, the second query should be safe. But personally, I'd add an extra layer of security by implementing a whitelist of column names if possible. When I'm implementing specification objects, which almost always include specifying a sorting field, I use a whitelist to define which columns are legal for sorting purposes and that prevents any possible SQL injection vector.

  39. I prefer references to The Culture, e.g. Grey Area, Sleeper Service and Mistake Not…

  40. My freighter is named Prime Mover, and I've got frigates named Sleeper Service, Mistake Not..., Killing Time, etc

  41. Just use a save editor. Get the Freighter you want and change it to an S class. If you're going to constantly reset your game to guarantee you get an S class, just skip that part and use a save editor

  42. I know the end result is the same, but without putting the effort to roll the dice it feels cheap. Even if it's just battling the RNG, it feels earned to do it yourself rather than rely on a save editor.

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